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The stories are all over NFL beat reporting on this date in 1977 is that the Seahawks are considering multiple trade offers for the No. 2 choice in the college draft, which begins Tuesday, May 3. That Southern Cal running back Ricky Bell is going No. 1 overall to the Buccaneers and his old Trojans coach, John McKay, is merely a sidebar.

The target of the possible Seattle suitors, probably, is Tony Dorsett,. That he is the Heisman Trophy-winning running back likely leaves him out of the plan in Seattle, as the Seahawks reportedly want to continue to build their new team around defense. They passed on Cal's Chuck Muncie last year to take Notre Dame defensive tackle Steve Niehaus in their first-ever draft, and even the Pitt superstar does not appear to have disuaded Jack Patera, the head coach and a former defensive assistant with the Vikings, from his plan. Anyway, the disinterest is apparently mutual, as Dorsett’s agent says the Seahawks are too cheap and Seattle is too small for his big star. 

The Seahawks’ general manager, John Thompson, has said that it would take a good first-round choice, a good young player or two or additional choices to acquire the rights to drafting second overall tomorrow. 

That appears to have left out the Giants and Jets, who apparently were both interested but haven't spare active talent to entice Seattle. The widespread belief is that both Dorsett and the Jets hope he's still available in their No. 4 slot.

Also apparently on the outside looking in are the Steelers, whose rumored offer to land the hometown stud was defensive tackle Ernie Holmes, who’ll be 29 at the start of NFL77, plus Pittsburgh’s own first choice, No. 21. That apparently isn't enough for Seattle.

And it appears another of the interested but unlikely Dorsett teams is the defending Super Bowl-champion Raiders, despite a tremendous rumored offer of Gene Upshaw (32), Jack Tatum (28), Neal Colzie (23) and a first-round choice. Alas, the blockbuster never was on the table, Thompson told New York Times columnist Dave Anderson.

Thompson has said he ultimately received about a half-dozen concrete offers, about two or three of which actually interested him. And the day before the draft, we appear to be down to the Cowboys as the focus of speculation. with linebacker Randy White (24), defensive lineman Ed “Too Tall” Jones (26) and/or offensive lineman Burton Lawless (23) figuring prominently in talk of projected trades.

19770426 nfl77 felser mock
26 Apr 1977, Tue The Buffalo News (Buffalo, New York)
19770501 nfl77 mcdonough mock
01 May 1977, Sun The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

But, seriously, who cares? How could anyone get any too interested in a football human-resources event during an active baseball season? The Mets are at the Dodgers tonight.


  1. It's funny how much running back value has dropped.

  2. Yeah, why is that? Did the rules and/or strategies change?

  3. Mets have won three straight; Dodgers, eight of their last nine, going into the start of this four-game series. Today we have Jerry Koosman against Doug Rau; Tuesday, May 3, Nino Espinosa against Burt Hooton; Wednesday, Jon Matlack against Tommy John, and, Thursday, Tom Seaver against Don Sutton.

  4. The Mets' batting order:

    Lee Mazzilli, center fielder
    Felix Millan, second baseman
    Joe Torre, first baseman
    Dave Kingman, left fielder
    Mike Vail, right fielder
    John Stearns, catcher
    Roy Staiger, third baseman
    Bud Harrelson, shortstop
    Jerry Koosman, pitcher

  5. Mazzilli doubles on a liner over Steve Garvey's head to open the game!

  6. Speaking of Garvey, for the Dodgers:

    Dave Lopes, second baseman
    BIll Russell, shortstop
    Reggie Smith, right fielder
    Ron Cey, third baseman
    Steve Garvey, first baseman
    Rick Monday, center fielder
    Dusty Baker, left fielder
    Steve Yeager, catcher
    Doug Rau, pitcher

  7. No problem for Rau, ultimately, who grounds out Millan and then strikes out Torre and Kingman.

  8. Mike Vail hit 34 home runs in 10 major-league seasons, and we just heard one of them--a second-inning solo off Rau. The Mets lead the Dodgers, 1-0 ...

  9. #BREAKING! Mets broadcaster Bob Murphy tells us that the A's just finished a 2-0 victory back in Baltimore. Rick Langford, in his first start, allowed two hits and no runs in seven innings, and then Dave Giusti polished off the Orioles in the eighth and ninth for the save. #GreenCollar!

    1. That's a Monday, May 2, finish; the A's are off May 3.

  10. No team has finished a season with a batting average of .300 or greater since 1936, and Bob Murphy predicts that the Dodgers' team batting average, currently .301, will be below that mark by the end of this series.

  11. And with that, Koosman strikes out Cey, who just set a new National League record with nine April home runs.

  12. In his autobiography, Lindsey Nelson writes about his first trip to Los Angeles, for a Rose Bowl in the 1940s and to find work as a spotter for a radio broadcaster, and how he had to beg floor space in a hotel room of a traveling journalist with whom he was friends. I really enjoyed reading that whole story because it made me think of this Rose Bowl.

  13. The Dodgers tied the Mets at 1 in the bottom of the third, and I don't know what happened--it was a sacrifice or something. Lindsey Nelson said, but I was off thinking about the 1954 Rose Bowl.

    1. According to Baseball Reference:

      Steve Yeager led off the inning with a walk.
      Doug Rau singled to left, putting runners on 1st and 3d
      Davey Lopes flew out to center; Yeager scored on the sac fly.
      Bill Russell grounded out to short (Rau to second)
      Reggie Smith struck out

  14. The Dodgers finally break the tie in the bottom of the eighth. With Lopes on second and one out, the Mets defend Russell to hit toward left field. Instead, it's a slow roller into right field, and Lopes is around safely to score. Russell ends up on third--it's scored a single, advancing to second as Vail threw home and then advancing to third on an error on that cutoff throw ...

  15. And now the Dodgers are jabbing away. Two more infield singles have the bases loaded, with Koosman set to face Baker with two out ...

  16. Baker grounds back to Koosman, so the lead is 3-1 going into the top of the ninth. Koosman was 21-10 in MLB76, but three of those losses to the Dodgers. He had a two-hitter going into the eighth inning of this game, and now he's got to hope Bruce Boisclair and John Milner, two pinch-hitters, and then Mazilli can get something going against knuckleballer Charlie Hough.

  17. No dice. Final: Dodgers 3, Mets 1. Los Angeles is really, really good.

  18. Dabney Coleman was such a fantastic actor--9 to 5, On Golden Pond, Buffalo Bill, etc.--that I had zero idea what to expect of his unscripted way of being in the world. I love Dabney Coleman, and I loved him (and Mickey Rooney!) in today 1977's Tattle Tales.

    Dabney Coleman is a big St. Louis Browns guy, per Wikipedia.