Tuesday, April 30, 2024

2019 Draft With Consensus Added

So I went back and found a consensus draft board from 2019.  Things have improved a lot over the last five years and so you will see some wild number when you get past the top 100.  Anyway here is the 2019 based on consensus.  

Top 200 Picks



First 3 Rounds



A few things here I find interesting.  One is that New England was top of the group in the first three rounds, but then near the bottom once you go all the way out to top 200.  That means they were taking guys from 100 to 200 that our public evaluators likely didn't know much about back in 2019.  I noticed in the 2024 consensus evaluation there weren't such big swings as we see back in 2019.  I believe this is just because there are more boards today and so more people evaluating top 500 players.  Still New England came out of this draft with an A grade right after the draft, a top score on their top 100 picks, and yet a D in their five year analysis.  It has to either be coaching or injury related I would assume.  They got so little value out of those top 100 picks, five players.   

If you compare this to San Francisco who also took some obvious swings on unknown players from 100 to 200 theirs worked.  Their VPP from 2019 was 17.30 compared to 5.56 for New England.  That means for each player San Francisco drafted in 2019 they got 17.30 points of value over these past 5 years.  That's using the Pro Football Reference value system.  That to me points to either having a better evaluation system for those players than New England, or better coaching, or both. 

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