Saturday, July 8, 2023

U.S. Women's Open, Day 4

I'm pretty certain, by the way, that the women played their rounds faster than the men did a few weeks ago at the Los Angeles C.C.  If so, good for them.  Here's where it stands with one round left:

1.  Nasa Hataoka (JPN):  -7 (69+74+66=209)

2.  Allisen Corpuz-6 (69+70+71=210)

T3.  Hyo Joo Kim (KOR):  -4 (68+71+73=212)
T3.  Bailey Tardy-4 (69+68+75=212)

T5.  Jiyai Shin (KOR):  -2 (71+73+70=214)
T5.  Hae Ran Ryu (KOR):  -2 (69+72+73=214)

T7.  Charley Hull (ENG):  Even (73+72+71=216)
T7.  Angel YinEven (71+73+72=216)

T9.  Minjee Lee (AUS):  +1 (72+73+72=217)
T9.  Rose Zhang+1 (74+71+72=217)
T9.  Maja Stark (SWE):  +1 (72+73+72=217)
T9.  Ayaka Furue (JPN):  +1 (74+70+73=217)


  1. After five holes, Corpuz has retaken the lead:

    1. A. Corpuz: -7 (59 holes)

    2. N. Hataoka (JPN): -6 (59)

    3. H.J. Kim (KOR): -5 (59)

    4. C. Hull (ENG): -4 (62)

    T5. H.R. Ryu (KOR): -3 (61)
    T5. J. Shin (KOR): -3 (61)
    T5. B. Tardy: -3 (59)

  2. Hataoka birdies the 6th hole, and moves back into a tie for the lead at 7 under.

  3. T1. A. Corpuz: -7 (60 holes)
    T1. N. Hataoka (JPN): -7 (60)

    3. H.J. Kim (KOR): -5 (61)

    T4. C. Hull (ENG): -4 (63)
    T4. J. Shin (KOR): -4 (63)

  4. And now Corpuz rolls in a 15-footer for birdie on the picturesque par 3 seventh hole, and she retakes the lead at 8 under. Meanwhile, Charlie Hull holes a long birdie putt on 10, and moves to 5 under for the day and the tournament. This is great stuff.

  5. 1. A. Corpuz: -8 (61 holes)

    2. N. Hataoka (JPN): -7 (61)

    T3. C. Hull (ENG): -5 (64)
    T3. H.J. Kim (KOR): -5 (62)

  6. Aine Donegan shoots a 77 on the last day and misses out on the Low Amateur title by one shot. The Low Amateur will be Benedetta Moresco (ITA), who plays for the University of Alabama. She shot an 8-over par 296. Donegan shot 297. Amari Avery shot 298.

  7. Corpuz almost holes a massive birdie putt on the 8th hole, but the ball dies at the lip of the cup, and she remains at 8 under.

  8. But now Hull sinks another long putt for a birdie on 11. She is now 6 under for the day and the tournament. What an amazing charge. Hull, who is 27 years old, has won two LPGA tournaments, but has never won a major.

  9. 1. A. Corpuz: -8 (62 holes)

    2. N. Hataoka (JPN): -7 (62)

    3. C. Hull (ENG): -6 (65)

    4. H.J. Kim (KOR): -4 (63)

  10. On the 9th hole, Corpuz leaves a chip shot 11 feet short, and cannot save her par. She falls back to 7 under. Meanwhile, Hataoka makes an excellent sand save, and remains at 7 under. Corpuz went out in 35; Hataoka went out in 36.

  11. T1. A. Corpuz: -7 (63 holes)
    T1. N. Hataoka (JPN): -7 (63)

    3. C. Hull (ENG): -6 (66)

  12. Hull's hot streak comes to an end. She bogeys the 13th hole and falls back to 5 under. Meanwhile, Corpuz holes a 15-footer for birdie on 10 and pulls back into the lead at 8 under. With 8 holes left, it feels like it's down to Corpuz v. Hataoka for the title.

  13. 1. A. Corpuz: -8 (64 holes)

    2. N. Hataoka (JPN): -7 (64)

    3. C. Hull (ENG): -5 (67)

  14. Corpuz and Hataoka both miss the green on the long par 4 11th.

  15. Both Corpuz and Hataoka use excellent chip shots from the greenside rough to save their pars on 11. This is a really good match.

  16. On the short 12th, Corpuz misses the green and lands in a bunker. She sends her sand shot about 10 feet past the hole.

  17. Corpuz holes her putt to save par. That was excellent -- she read it exactly right. Now Hataoka, who appeared to have the edge on this hole, has to make a four-footer to save her own par. She misses, and takes a bogey. Now Corpuz has a two shot lead with six holes to go.

  18. 1. A. Corpuz: -8 (66 holes)

    2. N. Hataoka (JPN): -6 (66)

    3. C. Hull (ENG): -5 (68)

  19. Jiyai Shin holes a long birdie putt on 14 and moves to 5 under par, tied with Charlie Hull for third.

  20. Both Corpuz and Hataoka par the 13th, after excellent lag putts.

  21. Pebble Beach really is a fun golf course for the spectator. You just have a great mix of holes, and the way the ocean goes in and out of view is spectacular.

  22. I got distracted by other things, and Corpuz put on a show. She birdied 14. She birdied 15. She now has a four-shot lead with two holes left!

  23. Meanwhile, Hataoka bogeyed 14 and 16.

  24. 1. A. Corpuz: -10 (70 holes)

    2. C. Hull (ENG): -6 (72)

    3. J. Shin (KOR): -5 (71)

    4. N. Hataoka (JPN): -4 (70)

    5. B. Tardy: -3 (71)

  25. Allisen Corpuz is on pace to be the first American woman to win the U.S. Women's Open since 2016, and only the fourth to do so since we started this blog.

  26. Here's the final top ten. Congratulations to Allisen Corpuz! A strong showing from the Americans, who placed three women in the top 10.

    1. A. Corpuz: -9 (69+70+71+69=279)

    T2. C. Hull (ENG): -6 (73+72+71+66=282)
    T2. J. Shin (KOR): -6 (71+73+70+68=282)

    T4. B. Tardy: -3 (69+68+75+73=285)
    T4. N. Hataoka (JPN): -3 (69+74+66+76=285)

    T6. A. Furue (JPN): -2 (74+70+73+69=286)
    T6. H.J. Kim (KOR): -2 (68+71+73+74-286)

    8. H.R. Ryu (KOR): Even (69+72+73+74=288)

    T9. M. Stark (SWE): +1 (72+73+72+72=289)
    T9. R. Zhang: +1 (74+71+72+72=289)

  27. Wow! Thanks for posting this. This was never on in the Residence Inn lobby, so I had no idea how it came out. Way to go, Allisen Corpuz, 25, of Honolulu, Hawaii.