Tuesday, March 23, 2021

79 Teams Left

35 teams eliminated from the Boys' State Tournament last night, including the number 3 team in the Commonwealth.  Covington Catholic becomes the first top-10 eliminated from this year's championship.  Here we go:

1st Region Quarter-Finals (at Murray State University):
Murray 61, Mayfield 46
Paducah Tilghman 75, Carlisle Co. 45

2d Region Quarter-Finals (home teams listed first):
Henderson Co. 71 - 56 Caldwell Co.
Lyon Co. 56 - 58 Hopkinsville
Madisonville-N. Hopkins 49 - 44 Webster Co.
University Heights 80 - 79 Crittenden Co.

3d Region Quarter-Finals (at Owensboro Sportscenter):
Ohio Co. 57, Grayson Co. 42
Owensboro Catholic 63, Meade Co. 57

4th Region Semi-Finals (at W. Kentucky Univ.):
(T8) Bowling Green 53, Allen Co.-Scottsville 38

5th Region Quarter-Finals (at Cent. Hardin):
John Hardin 47, LaRue Co. 45
Washington Co. 73, Campbellsville 60

6th Region Quarter-Finals (home teams listed first):
Bullitt East 86 - 72 Evangel Christian
(T8) Lou. DeSales 54 - 43 Beth Haven
Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park 56 - 58 Lou. Fern Creek
Bullitt Cent. 62 - 65 Lou. Western

7th Region Quarter-Finals (home teams listed first):
(5) Lou. Ballard 80 - 47 Lou. Central
Lou. Manual 64 - 57 Lou. Eastern
Lou. Male 50 - 45 Lou. Seneca
Lou. Trinity 62 - 58 Lou. St. Xavier

8th Region Quarter-Finals (at Henry Co.):
Collins 73, Walton-Verona 70
Oldham Co. 67, Owen Co. 39

9th Region Quarter-Finals (home teams listed first unless otherwise noted):
Conner 76 - 71 Cov. Holy Cross
Dixie Heights 73 - 43 Newport
Ft. Thomas Highlands 104 - 62 Ryle
(3) Cov. Catholic 60 - 61 (2) Erlanger St. Henry (at Cov. Holmes)

10th Region Quarter-Finals (at Mason Co.):
Campbell Co. 71, Bracken Co. 64 (double OT)
Montgomery Co. 84, Robertson Co. 73

13th Region Quarter-Finals (at Corbin Arena):
Corbin 63, Harlan 53
(7) N. Laurel 86, Barbourville 50

14th Region Semi-Finals (at Breathitt Co.):
Hazard 59, Wolfe Co. 50
Knott Co. Cent. 68, Perry Co. Cent. 59

15th Region Quarter-Finals (at Appalachian Wireless Arena):
Johnson Cent. 71, E. Ridge 68 (triple OT)
Betsy Layne 74, Pike Co. Cent. 62

16th Region Quarter-Finals (at Morehead St. Univ.):
Boyd Co. 50, Lewis Co. 39
Rowan Co. 54, Elliott Co. 37


  1. Amazing that St. Henry beat CovCath by the same score it won their regular-season game.

  2. On YouTube, they are showing an 8th Region quarter-final game between North Oldham and Henry County. North Oldham leads 58-57 with 51 seconds left. The commentator for the game, known as "Coach," tells us about the "Rule of 60." He claims that in high school basketball, the first team to 60 will win 90 percent of the time. I'm going to track this going forward.

  3. With 25 seconds left, North Oldham leads 60-57, but Henry County has the ball. Henry County calls time. Can they overcome the Rule of 60?

  4. No! Henry County has two three-point shots, misses both, and North Oldham gets the rebound with 6 seconds left.

  5. North Oldham wins 61-57, and Henry County is out.

  6. Meanwhile, in the 11th Region, Lexington Catholic trails Madison Central 45-41 at the half.

  7. Lexington Catholic, which was number 1 for most of the year, is having a bad week. A few days ago, they lost the District Championship to Lexington Dunbar. That sent them on the road to Madison Central for the 11th Region Quarter-Finals. And with one quarter to go, Madison Central (which is shooting the lights out) leads 76-62.

  8. I didn't have Covington Catholic and Lexington Catholic both going out in the round of 128.

  9. Lex Cath fighting back; they now trail 88-80 with four minutes to go.

  10. What an incredible game! Madison Central beats Lexington Catholic 101-97 in a 32-minuted high school basketball game. That is amazing!

  11. Here are Madison Central's statistics:

    2-point shooting: 16-23 (69.6 percent)
    3-point shooting: 15-21 (71.4 percent)
    Free Throws: 24-35 (68.7 percent)

  12. Here's what Lexington Catholic did:

    2-point shooting: 20-29 (69.0 percent)
    3-point shooting: 13-35 (37.1 percent)
    Free throws: 18-22 (81.8 percent)

  13. Here is the score by quarters:

    End of 1st Quarter: Madison Central 18, Lexington Catholic 13
    End of 2d Quarter: Madison Central 45, Lexington Catholic 41
    End of 3d Quarter: Madison Central 76, Lexington Catholic 62
    End of Game: Madison Central 101, Lexington Catholic 97

  14. Catholic outrebounded Madison Central 29-21, and had only 9 assists to Madison Central's 11. But Madison Central shot 15-21 from three-point range, and that was the difference.

  15. To me, this is why tournament basketball is the greatest sport there is. It's one and done. If you run into a hot team, you can be out. If you have a bad day, you can be out. It's not enough to be great, you have to match the level of your opponent.

  16. Lexington Catholic and Covington Catholic are both eliminated in the Round of 128. I did not see that coming.