Saturday, January 11, 2020

XXXII Olympic Summer Games, Tokyo 2020 (Programming Note)

The games officially start July 24, but there's some preliminary stuff happening as early as July 22. There's always something good coming up.

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  1. July 13-16: Democratic Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    July 24-August 9: Summer Olympics, Tokyo
    August 24-27: Republican Convention, Charlotte, N.C.

    A big summer coming up!

  2. Wow. This thread is quite an artifact.

  3. I have to say that I will not be spending much time on the Olympics this summer. I should be back to normal Olympics viewing in 2024.

    1. XXXIII Olympic Summer Games, Paris 2024 (Programming Note): 26 July-11 August 2024.

  4. Tokyo 2020 in 2021 (Day -2): OK, I know we're just getting started, but it's time to go ahead and start getting our game faces on for Saturday's big Team USA match with New Zealand in women's soccer. After getting swamped by Rio 2016 silver-medalist Sweden today, 3-0, Team USA faces what appears to me to be a must-win/would-be-good-to-win-big situation in its second match of Group G play.

    Germany won the gold in this event at Rio 2016, but they failed to qualify for the tournament at Tokyo 2020. Canada won bronze, and Brazil finished fourth. Brazil won in its group match today, and Canada drew.

  5. OK, Australia beats New Zealand, 2-1, so it is on Saturday morning from Tokyo: 0-1 Team USA vs. 0-1 New Zealand, with their Knockout Stage chances on the line.

  6. XXXIII Olympic Summer Games, 東京2020 (Day -1): Japan and South Africa are at half of a Group A men's soccer match. After 47 minutes of mostly "training-session pace," as the NBC Sports Network commentator described it, it's scoreless!

  7. The main Wikipedia page on Tokyo 2020 is more than 10,000 words, and then there are, of course, all sorts of other lengthy pages under and off the main--competition pages, pages on related events and on and on. I think my strategy is going to be to acquaint myself with these Olympics via a slow burn through this main Wikipedia page ...

  8. NBC Sports Network just a picture of and quote from Pele up on the screen, and I missed what was going on there, but it's like a time-traveling Pele just ushered me from my 1975 Heath Posting into these couple of weeks of Olympics Heath Posting.

  9. Have I ever mentioned that I used to carry a Pele lunchbox and Thermos to Concord?

  10. What I really like about that opening Wikipedia sentence is that it's a fairly simple "is" definition sentence (if you don't get distracted by the languages and naming stuff at the front) which answers a lot of my first questions plainly and in short order:

    -- Who?
    -- What? CHECK.
    -- When? CHECK.
    -- Where? CHECK.
    -- Why?
    -- How?

  11. Men's soccer update: Japan beat South Africa, 1-0, and now we've got Egypt and Spain scoreless in the first half. The Rio 2016 medalists in this event were Brazil gold, Germany silver and Nigeria bronze, and Honduras finished fourth in the tournament. Nigeria--and Team USA--failed to qualify for Tokyo 2020.

  12. XXXIII Olympic Summer Games, 東京2020 (Day -0.8): I'm getting some work done on a vehicle today, and the TV in the waiting area is showing one of Channel 6's weird channels in the high numbers of their cable or satellite system--not the main NBC feed, which I think is currently showing the live opening ceremonies (or was earlier). I plan to watch the tape-delay prime-time NBC show tonight with the fam and get out our little-paper flags and maybe post during that.

    I did want to go ahead and say, before I forget, that I saw a feature on Simone Biles the other day in which she said she likes "being scared" and "pushing boundaries." There are no shortage of reasons why I'm not an Olympic-medalist gymnast, but, for sure, a couple of them are that I hate being scared and, by and large, I am quite comfortable living within existing boundaries.

    This Channel 6-ish station is showing the Antenna TV schedule. We don't get Antenna TV on my cable system, so I enjoy getting the opportunity to glance in on it sometimes. So far, they've played two Father Knows Bestes, two Dennises the Menace and (now) a Hazel. It's solid fare to have as background murmur while working.

  13. I watched a documentary last night on the Olympics of 1948, showing highlights of the both the Winter and Summer games. It was made in 1948 in living color, and was the best footage I've ever seen from any sporting event that old.

  14. Now they've moved on to a show called The Doctors, and this is death. DEATH!

  15. I love watching people dance, so I'm all for the new Old Navy active-wear commercials, even if it does send Daughter into a rage over "fast fashion."