Thursday, August 8, 2019

Pan Am Games Medal Count

Here's the live medal count for the top four countries at the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru:

USA:  73G + 58S + 50B = 181
CAN:  25G + 42S + 38B = 105
BRA:  31G + 26S + 47B = 104
MEX:  26G + 22S + 42B = 90

I have no idea how many medals are left, but the trend looks pretty good to me.  Last night I watched some of the swimming on ESPN2, and the Americans were crushing everyone.  They played the national anthem about six or seven times while I was watching, and I enjoyed it every time.

I suppose the other hemisphere will show up at Tokyo for the Olympics next year, and that will make everything so much more stressful.

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  1. Excellent! I have been meaning to check in on the Pan Am Games--thanks for this.