Thursday, August 8, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Catching up ...

Good jobs news from BentonBowling Green, Crittenden, Eddyville, ErlangerLexington, Louisville (and Louisville), Maysville and Paducah.

Bad from Clay and Hopkinsville.

The governor before the Paducah Rotary, per Channel 6: "Not rules that 'take away this or stop access to that.'"

Pete Koutoulas in The Winchester Sun: "I am not advocating taking away people’s guns. Nor am I advocating a free-for-all in which everyone walks around packing. I’m not supporting any particular new laws. What I am urging my fellow Americans to do is start taking this issue seriously. I am a gun owner. I own a pistol, a shotgun and a .22 rifle. I taught my sons how to shoot and how to be safe, responsible gun owners. It is absurd that we require higher standards of those seeking to operate a motor vehicle than we do of those who wish to own a firearm. It is absurd that we refuse to consider all possible solutions when dealing with a problem that has become a national health crisis. It is beyond absurd that we allow one organization to control the narrative — an organization that represents not the majority of gun owners, but gun manufacturers. Meanwhile, we allow our elected leaders to stifle attempts to conduct serious research into the causes of the epidemic of gun violence that has seized our nation. No other nation experiences the level of gun violence that America does. No other country would tolerate it. What makes us different?"

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