Friday, December 14, 2018

What's On TV (Late) Tonight (1972)?


  1. There are several interesting revelations in this program, including the fact that Bruce Dern of Glencoe, Illinois, is a rabid Los Angeles Rams fan. I wonder if this was in part to really stick it to his parents, who were probably Bears fans. Also, James Garner ends up being a big Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders fan, I'm pretty sure, so it's neat that he and Dern were on the same program.

  2. As for when Johnny Carson really goes after the author of the book about the show, so, of course, I hated watching the tension. And I really hated it when Dern and Garner started jumping in with their jabs.

  3. That said, I am not definitely not a fan of "reporting" where one person is presented as a source for how some incident happened, and it's unclear to me whether the writer attempted to verify the anecdote with any of the individuals actually involved. I mean, I think it's responsible to say, "X says Y and Z did A, but Y says B happened, and Z says C happened"--given the incident is actually plot-related to telling the story you feel is important to tell. But I can't imagine a situation where I would be game for going with "X says and Y and Z did A," unless Y and Z have their chance to tell their version and when the incident is controversial but only intended to flesh out character studies (as opposed to laying out some progression of narrative).

    And I definitely don't agree with casually wondering whether a clear liquid that someone is drinking might be "(vodka?)." That would've steamed me, too.