Friday, December 14, 2018

2018 Mix Tape

It's that time of year when we start looking at our favorite songs and albums of the year.  Each year I make a mix of my favorite 20 songs ranked from 20 to 1.  Enjoy.

20.  Hurt You by The Weeknd
     I love the sound of this song.

19.  Icarus by With Confidence
     At 50 I still like angry, angst music like this.  Truth is I think we always still feel many of those youthful frustrations.

18.  Chasing Feelings by Story Untold
     This song stuck with me all year which surprised me.  A sad song about drug addiction.

17.  Back Being Blue by Kelly Willis
     Can't leave Kelly Willis off of a best of mix on a year she puts out an album.  She's such a good singer.

16.   I Don't Remember Me by Brothers Osborn
     It's not "21 Summer" but a solid song.

15.  Rearview Town by Jason Aldean
     I like this song.  Fits in with all of those songs about leaving a place behind.

14.  Come Here by Sabrina Claudio
     Have you ever been crazy in love.  This song captures that feeling so well.

13.  Ciao Adios by Anne Marie
     A fun pop song gets me every time.

12.  Missing U by Robyn
     Robyn has such an interesting approach to music and emotions.

11.  Latchkey Kids by Family of the Year
     Really like this song.  Been a go to ever since I reviewed this album.

10.  Summer Years by Death Cab for Cutie
     As I said when I reviewed this album it was very reflective.  This song captures that perfectly.

9.  Then by Anne Marie
     Nothing I like better than a fun pop song than a romantic pop song.

8.  Rebel Heart by First Aid Kit
     This was off the second album I reviewed this year and I have played this song to death.  Great broken hearted tune.

7.  Orphan by Ashley Monroe
     This is such a pretty song.  Ashley Monroe seems to really get me with at least one song off of her albums.

6.  Your Dog by Soccer Mommy
    This is a solid, angry, youthful song.

5.  Naked by Sabrina Claudio
     Best romantic song I've heard this year.

4.  Face by Tracey Thorn
     A sad but brilliant song.  There should be a video for this song.

3.  Because It's In the Music by Robyn
     This is the year of sad memories it seems.  This song is perfect.

2.  Northern Lights by Death Cab for Cutie
     I can't get enough of this song.  Lyrically it is brilliant.  Musically it hits all the marks for me.

1.  Call Out My Name by The Weeknd
     If you are going to have a year dominated by songs about lost love and angst this is the topper for sure.


  1. Maybe our podcast should be "Mr. List Presents The Heath Post (MLPTHP)." You could come up with some list for us to talk about each week. It could be a list that we create like this week's movies episode, or it could be some list that you find and we talk about. And maybe it could frequently be inspired by what we're writing about at the HP.

  2. I would point out that MLPTHP has all kinds of hashtag potential.

  3. Here were my favorite 25 songs of 2018 (including four-way tie at No. 25):

    59.5 points, Potent Love, Impressions
    53.5 I Don’t Know, Bill Withers
    48.5 George Winston - Tamarack Pines / Lesher Centre
    47 See the Love, The Brillance
    41 Christmas Song, Lou Rawls
    41 Looking Through The Windows, Melba Moore and Clifton Davis
    40 I Never Wanted Your Love, She & Him
    38.5 I Believe That I Finally Made It Home, LaBelle
    36 Get Down, Curtis Mayfield
    32.5 Be Real Black for Me, Donnie Hathaway and Roberta Flack
    28.5 Apartment Story, The National
    27 National Parks "Lights in the City" ;
    26.5 Movin Day, Brook Benton
    26 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Lou Rawls
    26 Never Going Back, Nanci Griffith
    25.5 Ghosts, National Parks
    24.5 Poinciana, Ahmad Jamal
    24 Come Ye Disconsolate, Donnie Hathaway and Roberta Flack
    23 Open Up, The Brilliance
    21.5 Stevie Wonder - Love's In Need Of Love Today
    20 I Know I’m Losing You, Rod Stewart
    18 Cloudbursting, Kate Bush
    18 This Love of Mine, Vim and Vigor
    17.5 Aretha FRANKLIN- "I Want To Be With You" (1972)
    17.5 Easter Seals Telethon 1972 Unknown Channel Sony Eiaj Hd
    17.5 Rebel Heart, First-aid Kit
    17.5 Hold Me Down, Family of the Year

  4. "Hurt You" by The Weeknd is such a neat sound, but I don't quite know what to do with the protagonist of that lyric.

  5. I get Kelly Willis, who was born Oct. 2, 1968, in Oklahoma but grew up in Annandale, Virginia, confused with Shelby Lynne, who was born Oct. 22, 1968, in Quantico, Virginia, and grew up in Alabama. I like them both a good bit. Class of '86!

  6. I think you're probably a better husband than I am.

  7. Man, the opening of that "Missing U" by Honey really blends two pretty strong '80s pop sounds.

  8. I liked this "Latchkey Kids" song a good bit, too. It finished T252 on my 2018 list, and your introducing me to it led me to two other Family of the Year songs, "Hold Me Down" (T25) and "St. Croix" (T99).

  9. And just now in preparing that last comment, I'm hearing for the first time a Family of the Year song, "I'm the One," which sounds really good. Exciting! Well, that's music for you. Happy new year!

  10. Hey, "Summer Years" is the first Death Cab for Cutie song I've ever noticed genuinely liking. I've been around them a bunch, of course, and I'm sure I've enjoyed their songs at parties and stuff. But this is the first time I remember actually noticing that I like a song and then learning it was a Death Cab for Cutie song.

  11. By and large, I really enjoy the music that you get excited about. From Saga, Kate Bush, the Watermelon Men ... well, to some extent, even all the way back to Bruce Springsteen ... and, even beyond that, back to Firefall, you have gotten excited about some artist, and then I listen, too, and I get excited about them in my own right, too. There are a zillion of these people. So, thanks. For example, I am now up to First Aid Kit in your YouTube playlist, and I had never remembered hearing of First Aid Kit until your review this year. Well, this song of First Aid Kit's, "Rebel Heart," made T25 on my list (loved the tempo change in that song as much as I loved any moment in a song in 2018), and their "I'll Be Your Emmylou" came in T74 for me and "Fireworks" came in T232. That's a lot of happiness for me. Thank you.

    But, on the other hand, there's this fairly tightly defined category of female vocalist that you are drawn to, and, for me, ... um ... well ...

  12. Oh, wow, that "I'll Be Your Emmylou" just got me (and my wife) all over again. So beautiful. I can't help but believe that performance in the link in the previous comment makes God so very, very happy--so many gifts and talents being shared across interests, time and space in the effort of loving one another.