Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

Good jobs news from Bardstown. Bad from Richmond.

Glasgow has lost several firefighters to Bowling Green and Elizabethtown, and it appears to be a salary issue.

Williamsburg rallies to restore its Lane Theater.

The WKU student government is turning out to be a terrible mess.

ICYMI, mandatory abstinence and financial education were among the products of Kentucky's 2018 legislative session.

Will the state take over management of Jefferson County Public Schools?

The government is selling the guns (and other stuff) they took away.

Dylan Lovan of the Associated Press in Louisville delivers a terrific article on the gun-laws conversation in Marshall County.

Meanwhile, Rainesford Stauffer of Teen Vogue surveys the landscape of reform advocacy across Kentucky's schools.

Richie Davis in the Hampshire Daily Gazette tells a lovely story of a cultural exchange between western Massachusetts and Letcher County and its resulting in a new bakery at the Hemphill Community Center.

Rest in peace, Martin County sheriff's deputy Stepp, who was "active in the community in every way."


  1. The story about the WKU SGA is disturbing.

    1. This is a problem that only red-state, white conservatives are going to be able to fix. All of us liberals and people of color can scream Sermon on the Mount and Love One Another all we want, but this stuff is going to be happening more and more unless the Toby Keith fans find their courage and voice and quit making it cool to whine about "getting ours" and "I built that," etc. In fact, even the Toby Keiths can't do anything about it, because their fans will just figure their particular Toby Keith sold out and move on to the next Toby Keith.

    2. I think you're right but this isn't just a radical wing of the people who feel this way and others need to stand up to them, this is how the group of people you are talking about view the world. So what you are really asking them to do is change their world view and I just don't see that happening. Especially when they look at the mainstream media as being nothing but antagonistic toward their president, while the same media they believe bent over backwards to support Obama.

      I think it's funny how the Democrats standing in the way of Trump is viewed as unpatriotic, but when the Republicans did the same to Obama it was viewed as shrewd.

  2. I feel for Louisville if the state steps in and takes over. I'm assuming the people with Bevin will see this as a golden opportunity to experiment with public education in a major city. Maybe they will end up like Detroit with a boom of for profit charter schools who get money from the state to run their schools but have no accountability.

  3. I think what Gov. Bevin appears to be doing at every turn is establishing his Koch-brothers bonafides for a national run. It's the only lens through which I can view his actions and statements and have them make sense.