Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

The Kentucky State Park posters are here and/or coming, and I want every one of them right now.

The drawdown of copy editing at America's newspapers is one of the pocks of the last 20 years, but even bad things yield good stuff: for example, Douglas White's heavier emphasis on business writing in Henderson's Gleaner. He is fantastic.

Hey, Gov. Bevin made The New York Times!

Here comes Kentucky Wired, at last, to Boyd County, etc.

Good jobs news from Glasgow.


  1. That AP story on the posters is so weak. It doesn't have any images and it doesn't link you directly to the posters. Pretty cool though.

  2. Yeah, the back end of the sentence links to the contractor selling them. They're in the spirit of the WPA-era national-park posters.