Friday, March 9, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

So much basketball happening. Still spent from the Olympics. Hard to focus.


Meanwhile, things were pretty lively in and around Frankfort earlier today ...






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  1. So, yesterday, Mercer County beat Owensboro Catholic, 67-66.

    GRC beat Elizabethtown, 42-35. This disappointed me, because I was WKU-newspaper friends with the Etown coach. I always root for him.

    Mercy beat Ryle, 93-78.

    Boyd County beat Manual, 71-53.

    This evening, it’s Mercer vs. Clark at 6:30 Eastern and then Mercy vs. Boyd. I tend to root …:

    -- old friends over people I've met, over people I've never met;

    -- McCracken County over Madisonville-North Hopkins, over other peculiar favorites (Russellville, Paris, etc.), over most everyone else, over silly grudges (Tilghman, Mayfield, etc.);

    — public over private;

    — littler over bigger;

    — town independent over county consolidated, and

    — West over South, over North, over East, over between Louisville and Lexington, over Louisville, over Lexington.

    By that rubric, I’m pretty clearly for Mercer (littler/South) over Clark (East) and Boyd (public/East) over Mercy (Louisville), then Mercer tomorrow.