Monday, March 20, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

The guy who wrote about high-school sports in The Courier-Journal for years and years, Bob White, fell into some misfortune, so some people set up a "GoFundMe" account on his behalf. By the end of the KHSAA boys' basketball tournament on Sunday, the initial goal had been exceeded by contributions. "Always enjoyed and appreciated your covering the women's amateur golf tournaments years ago … I remember you well from high school cross country and track meets … Called games into him in the 60s from Campbellsville and followed him many years … He has done more for high school athletics in Louisville than any person I know … Scott County Sports supports Bob! … This is one way to say thanks for all he's done for all of us who call our selves coaches … May your increase swallow your need.

Kentucky maps were hot stuff back in 1796, too.

Gov. Bevin is raising juvenile-justice workers' pay in a bid to keep them.

Hearings are set for Lexington, Louisville and Madisonville to address proposed utility-rate increases offsetting costs for smart meters (smart grid!), dam and power-plant repairs, etc.

A West Liberty man and two businesses he owned have filed for bankruptcy after being fined heavily for allegedly dumping radioactive oil-drilling/-fracking waste in Estill and Greenup counties. So now what?

Kentucky is second in the country in aerospace exports, and aerospace is now Kentucky's top export.

It's not every day you read about a high-speed dump-truck chase.

Barkley Regional on the president's budget proposal.

A few recent spotted-skunk sightings in eastern Kentucky have some folks excited. A couple of earthquakes near Bardwell last week have me terrified. Then there was another one Sunday.

A Madisonville man is taking his award-winning short to Cannes ...

Rest in peace, Mrs. Chipps, a West Paducah native and former Heath teacher who helped "women apply modern principles to managing West Kentucky homes,” who water-skied before it was cool, who took up watercolor painting late in life, whose "house was perched grandly on the banks of Bayou Creek” until a devestating flood of 2011 and who finally relocated back to Paducah "with resilience and remarkably good spirits."


  1. The regional airport money has been targeted for a while so I wouldn't be surprised to actually see that cut happen. We would feel it here in Moscow, ID for sure. The money setup by Reagan to support regionals when they unsubsidized the airline industry was always supposed to be bridge money until a private sector solution came in to support the regional airports. It simply never happened. Ultimately the question is do we as a country feel it is necessary to provide small areas with air transportation access?

    1. That's right. That's the question. Same question goes to TVA, RUS, etc.