Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament 16 Teams Left

The true excitement of the first two rounds usually revolves around all of the upsets.  This year only one team higher than an eight seed made it into the sweet 16, Xavier.  Xavier is in one of the power conferences and so they really don't fit the mold that we generally put the Cinderella story's into.  So what then is the story of this tournament.  Well to be honest it is that the ACC was overrated and the Big 10 and SEC were underrated.

The ACC got 9 teams into the tournament they have one remaining team.  The SEC got 5 teams into the tournament and have 3 remaining.  The Big 10 got 7 in the tournament and have 3 remaining.  The ACC was thought to be by far the best and deepest conference all season.  There was much talk about how the Big 10 was way down and the SEC was simply junk.  That all seems silly now that we look at the teams making the final 16. 

Here is the remaining teams.

East:  Wisconsin vs Florida, Baylor vs South Carolina

West:  Gonzaga vs West Virginia, Xavier vs Arizona

Midwest:  Kansas vs Purdue, Oregon vs Michigan

South:  North Carolina vs Butler, UCLA vs Kentucky

Bracket Standings
 My original model for picking brackets is once again proving to be my best method. 

Sagarin 49 pts / 157 possible
Model1 48 pts / 144 possible
RPI  45 pts / 105 possible
KenPom  44 pts / 140 possible
Model2  39 pts / 115 possible
Model3  38 pts / 106 possible



  1. OK last year I came up with yet another model that I developed after the season was over and forgot about it. Anyhow I just made a new bracket with that model and it is now in the lead at 51 points. This model has lost one final four team, Villanova.