Friday, February 3, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Good jobs news from Williamsburg.

Checking the "Bowling Green massacre" box.

I lift my lamp ...” 

Volunteers, money and diapers needed.

They're starting a summer reading program in Cave City, and they need money and books.

Nelson County might be firing back up its NAACP chapter.

Coal, indeed, has friends in high places. 

The police in Paducah are hiring.

“If a homeless man commits murder and a millionaire commits murder, you can’t both set their bonds at a million bucks.”

Record home sales in 2016. Meanwhile, it appears homelessness is up in Lexington and Louisville.

Back to Cherokee in 1934 ...


  1. Good luck to the Cave City summer reading program. They should team up with a university education professor who would be willing to help find them funding.