Thursday, February 2, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

They weren't any of these, but, still, ... close call for the trophies of Williamsburg Yellowjackets.

Oh, quit your crying, Snowflake ... it was only Navy Special Forces.

Calloway County's GOP chair is not staying silent on the president.

Good jobs news from Hebron

Trucking is booming in Kentucky, and, in fact, the Kentucky Trucking Association has opened an office in Paducah.

The Lexington Herald-Leader in the Middlesboro Daily News: "Kentuckians may remember the 'war on coal,' which more than anything was a PR invention by the coal industry. But, under all that noise and flak, the Obama administration was helping seed an economic transition. That transition is still a fragile bud, just pushing into the light, with a long way to go. But it’s something the region needed long before the coal industry’s latest bust."

Rest in peace, Rev. Jim Hazelrigg, a Paris native, journeyed Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister and Kentucky's defending Beekeeper of the Year.


  1. Kentucky has been trying to find a replacement for coal and tobacco for as long as I can remember.

  2. but not as hard as we have tried to protect coal and tobacco from replacements during the same period.

  3. Much of central KY that was so heavy on tobacco when I worked there had been in its past the worlds biggest hemp growing region, so maybe it's all coming around full circle on that front.