Friday, August 22, 2014

Kentucky High-school Football

"I miss MCHS so much."

Here are the KHSAA football games this weekend that most interest me:

Scott County vs. Lexington Lafayette at Lexington Paul Laurence Dunbar

Louisville DeSales at Louisville Holy Cross

Hopkinsville at Bowling Green Warren Central

Madisonville-North Hopkins vs. Bowling Green Greenwood at Warren Central

Newport Central Catholic at Ashland Blazer

Louisville duPont Manual at Louisville Central

Caldwell County at Christian County

Fulton City at Crittenden County

Fort Campbell at Mayfield

Trigg County at Russellville

Shelbyville Martha Layne Collins at Independence Simon Kenton

Mortons Gap Hopkins County Central at Webster County

Bowling Green vs. Mercer County at Western Kentucky University on Saturday

McCracken County at Paducah Tilghman on Saturday


  1. Hopkinsville 16 at Bowling Green Warren Central 54--Warren Central has a new coach (the old guy is now at Tilghman), and this was a good way to introduce himself to the community. Thumping Hoptown is going to be a promising sign to the Dragons's middle-aged dudes who show up at all the games, stand away from the crowd, smoke cigarettes and mutter stuff about the kids going for home-run hits and "not learning to lock up anymore." That's a good faction of fans for the new guy to make happy.

    Madisonville-North Hopkins 13 vs. Bowling Green Greenwood at Warren Central 9--This is a very good win for the Maroons. I saw in the Madisonville Messenger season-preview insert Friday that they're talking about this team could mount Madisonville-North Hopkins's deepest playoff run in a decade, so we'll see. I also saw in the Messenger that work on one of the county roads has been delayed, in part, because of snakes! I'm getting worried about the snakes around here; there's this story about the road, and then there was the story the other day about the 6-foot-long rattlesnake found down in White Plains. Also, the spiders have been unusually large this summer, and I saw a lizard on one of our windowsills just yesterday. I'm afraid we're turning into Australia, and I'm just not cut out for that.

    Newport Central Catholic at Ashland Blazer, postponed, canceled, something--This game was washed out by giant storms that caused flooding in a good bit of eastern Kentucky yesterday. Can't imagine the NewCath folk are going to be too eager to make the long, expensive trip out to Ashland to try to make it happen again.

    Caldwell County 78 at Christian County 57--The Legend of Elijah Sindelar grows. This game was back and forth at least as late as middle of the third quarter, right before I went to bed. One of the last scores I saw was that Caldwell had retaken the lead at 50-48.

    Ludlow 29 at Gallatin County 28--The 1975 Class A state champs are 1-0.

    Fulton City 6 at Crittenden County 37--The 1985 Class A state champs are 1-0.

    Fort Campbell 0 at Mayfield 45--The 1995, 2002, 2010, 2012 and 2013 Class A state champs are really, really 1-0.

    Trigg County 20 at Russellville 39--The 1980, 1983 and 1990 Class A state champs are also 1-0. But those middle-aged fans I was talking about with regard to the Warren Central score? Russellville's version of those guys are going to be less impressed with this Panther win over Trigg than depressed by Mayfield's obliteration of Fort Campbell.

    Shelbyville Martha Layne Collins 14 at Independence Simon Kenton 33--There's no shame in it; it was on the road, and Kenton's a good 6A team. Still, the defending 4A state champs open 0-1.

    Mortons Gap Hopkins County Central 28 at Webster County 40--I learned from Mike Fields yesterday that the new coach at Webster was Tim Couch's coach at Leslie County.