Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coach Cal: "And, oh, by the way, I'll be recruiting this weekend. Let's keep this going."

Just another reason that UK fans love John Calipari.


And, yes, I'm going to write about the national championship game at some point, but I really haven't felt like doing so.  I will say that I'm not mad at our players or our coach; I thought they gave it everything they had.


  1. I listened to Coach Calipari's last radio show of the season last night, trying to get my daughter to fall asleep in the van for a nap while driving all over Union County (home of former Wildcats Larry Johnson and Fred Cowan). He had been asleep before they got him on the air. (Assistant coach John Robic had fielded the bulk of the show's callers.) He was pretty hard to follow initially, but then he really got rolling. Coach Cal said he would soon detail the "tweak" or "tweaks" that he initiated in the season's final weeks that preceded the big turnaround; "once you hear what we did, you'll be able to think back and say, 'Oh, I see what they were doing there.'" He also said that he felt like Derek Lee's fantastic game fueled Alex Poythress's subsequent performance surge. Tom Leach finally had to cut off Coach Cal as he was getting into a lengthy discussion about how the Willie Cauley-Stein injury dictated his defensive strategy in terms of defending UConn's pick-and-roll offense. It was really great.

  2. Incidentally, in Uniontown, which you really have to intend to be driving yourself to, there's a fantastic place called Floyd's Super Market. And, in there, my daughter and I heard one man bet another man $1 that all of UK's freshmen would return for their sophomore seasons.