Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sun Belt Update

Don't look now, but Ray Harper's Western Kentucky Hilltoppers have now won five games in a row -- a remarkably consistent stretch for the Tops, who have been all over the place under Harper.  In conference play, the Tops are now leading the Sun Belt in defensive efficiency.  I can't tell how they're doing it -- they don't jump out in any particular category, except for the fact that their opponents don't take many three-pointers.  Again, I'm convinced that Harper is following some strategy that's different from what most people do.  For example, WKU is consistently low when it comes to two-point shooting percentage, which could imply that they shoot more mid-range jump shots than anyone else.  Anyway, Western is playing well as they head into two very difficult games at UALR and Arkansas St.

Here are the latest standings:

75.  Georgia St:  10-0
152.  W. Kentucky:  7-2
226.  Ark-Little Rock:  7-4
161.  Arkansas St:  5-4
140.  La-Lafayette:  5-5
209.  Tex-Arlington:  4-6
267.  La-Monroe:  4-6
245.  Texas St:  3-6
257.  Troy:  3-7
248.  S. Alabama:  1-9

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