Saturday, February 8, 2014

SEC Update

Home teams are 45-18 in SEC games this year -- making the SEC the third-hardest conference in which to win on the road.  Given that UK has two road games coming up, this is a worrisome statistic.  But this week, UK and Florida won at home, while Ole Miss, Tennessee, and LSU lost on the road, so the two top teams opened up more of an edge on the rest of the field.  The most shocking entry on this list is Vanderbilt, which has now won four straight games despite having almost no one on the team who can play basketball.  Billy Donovan should be the SEC Coach of the Year, but don't be surprised if it goes to Kevin Stallings:

5.  Florida:  9-0
15.  Kentucky:  7-2
71.  Mississippi:  6-3
25.  Tennessee:  5-4
60.  Louisiana St:  5-4
95.  Vanderbilt 5-4
115.  Georgia:  5-4
48.  Missouri:  4-5
156.  Texas A & M:  4-5
55.  Arkansas:  3-6
112.  Alabama:  3-6
125.  Auburn:  3-6
216.  Mississippi St:  3-6
130.  S. Carolina:  1-8

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