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The World's Greatest Quiz: 2013 Edition

For the 109th time, King William's College in the Isle of Man has issued its "General Knowledge Paper."  This is an extremely difficult quiz that has become a holiday tradition for many of us trivia buffs.  Here is the latest iteration of the quiz.  Remember that you're not supposed to know very many of them off the top of your head -- the real challenge here is to find the answers, which will be released in January:

1 In the year 1913:
1 what famous club was founded at Vrigstraat 20?
2 where, innovatively, were both events made bipartite?
3 where did the Emperor of India lose his uncle to a single gunshot?
4 which authority on tubes was elected to the Presidency at Burlington House?
5 who established the relation between an element’s X-ray frequency and its atomic number?
6 the celebration of the arrival of which migrant parasite took place for the first time in a Saxon city?
7 after increasing problems in EC4, whose grand vernal display moved to SW3?
8 which boy was born and would compose a nominal reminder 20 years later?
9 who served which country as President for less than one hour?
10 what might perhaps have anticipated Tom and Jerry?

2 Who:
1 was a red head?
2 was strabismic?
3 was a little dyer?
4 was the little old painter of the hospital?
5 was so-named because his brother was portly?
6 was so-named because his father was a gardener?
7 was so-named because he liked to paint birds?
8 used a trefoil signature?
9 was Clumsy Tom?
10 was Little Tom?

1 whence all Mannions
2 who loved his country and loved his lass?
3 a long-legged bird flew over three Chinamen carved in what?
4 who forgot cruelly that even lovers are not immune from drowning?
5 whose pupils would range from round to crescent and crescent to round?
6 where would I build a modest home and live in solitude, growing beans and keeping bees?
7 whose purity was likened favourably to a tall candle before the crucifix?
8 who wore small holes in his shoes and large holes in his gown?
9 where were the fiddler’s cousin and brother priests?
10 where did my cap acquire a halfpenny?

4 Where:
1 did Loring fight with the crippled Paul de la Fosse?
2 was MgSO4.7H2O found to be of therapeutic benefit?
3 did Blanche save the doomed Neville by clinging to the clapper of the curfew bell?
4 did the riders encounter the gouty Lord Winterton approaching the churchyard steps?
5 did the rector combine his clerical duties with those of a Royal appointment at Greenwich?
6 according to the diarist, did Alice catch and eat a jack pike when expecting a future archbishop?
7 was which composer’s body interred in St Peter’s churchyard nearly a year after his death?
8 was the chalky grave in which the former NSW Justice Minister’s victim was found?
9 does an edifice recall, nominally, an Uttar Pradesh mausoleum?
10 did council meetings have a condimentary flavour?

1 which one is 140 not out?
2 which was formerly noteworthy as Northworthy?
3 which, initially, recognises George Henry’s contribution?
4 which is the Glaswegian intruder amongst the Mancunians?
5 where, alphabetically, is there a hiatus between the fifteenth and the third?
6 which, according to Tacitus, should be more appropriately located fifty miles south?
7 which intended Scandinavian sounds to have Mercian ancestry instead?
8 which is arrived at by adding the eight to the twenty-four?
9 which three took thirty years to become fourteen?
10 which might have been named Zarah?

6 Where:
1 did Blair join the militia?
2 did the schismatic antipope spend his final years?
3 did di Luna unknowingly order the execution of his brother?
4 did Jack and Stephen meet during an Italian quartet in Government House?
5 did the future Superior General suffer significant injuries to both legs during the siege?
6 did a 1930’s traveller find a scruffy little town, built round an open drain and smelling of fruit skins and rotten fish?
7 did el Bueno throw down his dagger to the besiegers for the execution of his son?
8 did Brother Bernard poison the garrison with white arsenic?
9 was the bastion blown up by a Christmas pudding?
10 did Pelayo initiate the re-conquest?

1 who, in his delusion, discovered on a dateless day, that he was the King of Spain?
2 which narrator enjoyed oysters, cake, and cheese following the burial of his brother on 18th March?
3 which diarist described a new pastime on Wednesday 13th January, namely, filling packets with powdered gravy?
4 in which travelogue were the erratic movements of a goat, chased by a dog, a boy and his parents, witnessed on Saturday 24th?
5 which self-styled intellectual wrote of driving through Glasgow at 11am on August 26th and counting twenty-seven drunks in one mile?
6 in what journal does the author boast of eating a penny twelfth cake on Thursday 6th January at every suitable shop between St Paul’s and the Exchange?
7 which diarist sorrowfully quoted from Pablo Naruda, following the death of the best man of the force, and one of its pillars, on April 25th?
8 which traveller, having earlier witnessed the hanging of two men, determined on 22nd October to petition for the repeal of the law?
9 who pondered on April 27th, on the peculiarity of Going’s always coming and Cummings’ always going?
10 who recorded being shown the Onacratulus of Pliny at Rotterdam on August 13th?

8 In a descriptive handbook, published 150 years ago, to what places were the following words applied:1 ‘It is the largest piece of artificial water in the kingdom’?
2 ‘ …. employed in the salmon and eel fisheries, and manufacture of paper, soap, candles and leather …. ’?
3 ‘ …. several important mines …. producing tin, copper, nickel, with clay, and china stone for the Staffordshire potteries …. ’?
4 ‘Excellent bacon and hams are cured here, and vast numbers of small cattle pass this way to be fattened for market in Norfolk and Essex’?
5 ‘A bath-house has been built over some valuable springs which rise from the pits, and are very beneficial in cases of scrofula and similar complaints’?
6 ‘ …. one mass of dilapidation and filth; the old crumbling houses being used by the poor wherever they can find something like a roof to cover them’?
7 ‘ …. by day it will be found dirty and irregularly built, without order or management, decent roads or footpaths, no supply of water ….’?
8 ‘ …. there are no roadside inns worth the name; the ale is wretched stuff, and it is safest to take provisions with you on an excursion’?
9 ‘ …. formerly noted for wire works, but now a seat of the linen trade, especially diapers, drills, ducks, ticks etc’?
10 ‘No particular manufacture, but celebrated for its cakes and brawn’?

9 Where:
1 did Dessie’s lad score 7/8?
2 did Spicer survive an attack by Colleoni’s mob?
3 was the programme suspended following shocking events?
4 did races begin when a widower occupied the English throne?
5 did a Hampshire batsman and county captain suffer fatal injuries in a fall?
6 did James Stanley pre-empt his somewhat Strange descendent by 153 years?
7 was a race renamed in honour of the course’s founder, 219 years later?
8 did Foxhall win in the year of the benefactor’s assassination?
9 was a race inaugurated by a future Governor of St Lucia?
10 uniquely, were there no finishers?

10 Where:
1 was the Vanes’ shabby home?
2 did Gaffer’s daughter find new lodgings?
3 did Barry Bedrington share a flat with Danny Hoag?
4 did three worn steps lead to Sir Joseph’s front door?
5 does the man from Bow walk down gloved and un-gloved?
6 did Holmes sustain two lacerated scalp wounds in a “murderous attack”?
7 had Archie opened his house and roosted in a corner of it?
8 do the red trams and brown trams pour down?
9 is the house which Belloc could not afford?
10 do you walk your flowery way?

11 Which Royal infant:
1 was born at W1J 6QB?
2 was given a septet of names?
3 shared a birthday with our eponymous monarch?
4 was his father’s sixteenth and last child, yet still succeeded him as king?
5 was born prematurely at the Fürstenhof due to her mother’s pleurisy, and died the same day?
6 was born in the precinct of the Collegiate Church of St Peter, where his mother had taken refuge?
7 was the younger of twin boys, but still became king on his father’s death?
8 was rumoured to have been substituted for live coals?
9 would be known to the family as Pussy?
10 was like the 11th Hussars?

12 What:
1 word precedes ‘fugaces labuntur anni’?
2 three words precede ‘cui dolet meminit’?
3 two words precede ‘semper aliquid novi’?
4 four words precede ‘cras minus aptus erit’?
5 three words precede ‘fieri infectum non potest’?
6 five words precede ‘si fortuna tonat, caveto mergi’?
7 four words precede ‘ nimium est perdere’?
8 three words precede ‘nolentem trahunt’?
9 three words precede ‘pacem apellant’?
10 two words precede ‘non est temendi’?

1 which 15 year-old missed which target in Bologna?
2 who fired a bullet into which male cervid without obvious ill-effect?
3 which epileptic farmer failed with two pistol shots to kill which segregationist leader?
4 whose paper-knife failed, just, to puncture whose aorta at a booksigning at Blumstein’s?
5 whose wedding day was interrupted by an explosive bouquet thrown from a balcony by which librarian?
6 whose premature closing of his 16th anniversary speech saved him from whose time-bomb by thirteen minutes?
7 which leader, together with a number of spacemen, survived a shooting by which army-deserter?
8 which priest failed to kill which senior cleric with a bayonet at a famous Marian shrine?
9 who missed which target when attending one of Colley Cibber’s plays?
10 who launched his Suzuki Swift at which monarch’s bus, but missed?

1 when do we smother our feelings with difficulty?
2 who was rescued from Prince Rupert Sound by Diefenbaker?
3 who offered 1,000 guineas for the copyright of A Tale of Flodden Field?
4 whose appointment to lead the Kingdom’s force was a first for her gender?
5 who became Lord High Constable following the murder of her libertine father?
6 which former Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man received a constabulary appointment?
7 who suggested to his monarch giving the vineyards to a barbarous people?
8 who had his thumb nearly chewed off by the huge and hideous mulatto?
9 who eventually uncovered evidence of Sam Brattle’s innocence?
10 who had houses at 35 Charlotte Street and at Well Walk?

1 what comes in Bali’s bottle?
2 what received a reginal epithet from Franz Josef?
3 where does the warm water bubble up in Transcaucasia?
4 where is water, named after the Roman goddess of public welfare, extracted?
5 where does the bottle depict a naked man, walking away, carrying two buckets?
6 the foundation of what was laid by a Henn and later adopted a triple cardiac trademark?
7 with what did Mikael refresh himself in the cabin before meeting Figuerola?
8 which producer invoked the services of a giraffe as a tall quencher?
9 what Eifel product is distinguished by a lion and a star?
10 what is extracted from the Holy Well?

1 who, in reality, killed Lord Bellasis?
2 who married Julia in the Savoy Chapel?
3 who failed to arrest the Beer Baron of Springfield?
4 who sent Wolfe to address Les Quinze Maîtres in West Virginia?
5 what sometime residents of South Dakota are now known as Sue and Stan?
6 what did Cocteau and Daniélou borrow from Sophocles for the Russian maestro?
7 what was the initial name of the unique Blue Riband record-breaker?
8 who painted a North Devon village for Wedgwood?
9 with what did Corning market Schott’s discovery?
10 where is Wryhtel’s Water-meadow?

1 which Bengali poet was a Nobel laureate?
2 which parsee became peacefully hydrargic?
3 who died playing polo on the Tiger’s 11th birthday?
4 who suffered terminally through the treachery of Mir Jafar?
5 whose state of undress was inappropriately ridiculed by Churchill?
6 for whom did Chutney Popcorn illustrate her thespian rather than her epicurean qualities?
7 which Great Leader’s birthday is celebrated on 25th December?
8 who was betrayed by his friend Man Singh as he slept?
9 whose End did Jules Verne offer as an alternative?
10 which Begum Sahib’s perfume caught fire?

18 During 2013:
1 why might Ivanovic now be doubly shy?
2 how has Love-in-a-mist been roughly handled?
3 where was the triumphant Gala boy brought down to earth?
4 where did an urban thief take a grip and enjoy a jubilee meal?
5 for whom did “pills or a powder or something in a bottle” prove inadequate?
6 how did eleventh-placed 66 bring a new meaning to Riding for the Disabled?
7 who, having once targeted an abbey, has now settled for the Lodge?
8 whose sad departure has reminded us of a big cat’s dentition?
9 why were Opinion Poll and Restraint of Trade excluded?
10 who opened the Bash Street School Library?

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