Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

Good jobs news from Louisville and Owingsville.

I wonder what John Herndon has to say beyond the paywall.

About the wind turbines in Fleming and Mason counties, ...

About Obamacare in Lebanon, ...

An array of U.S. 60 activities: More green on Main in Marion, Monarch Butterfly Migration Mysteries in Henderson, Monroe Style Mandolin Camp in Owensboro and the Long Run Massacre & Floyd's Defeat Re-enactment in Shelbyville.

Loyall wants a fire truck.

Owen County led Kentucky in deer kills in 2012.

Shingles sounds awful, and here's hoping the owner of the former Lynn's Paradise Cafe is feeling better and better each day.

A former Spice Girl favors Pineville's Jimmy Rose for tonight's America's Got Talent title.

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