Friday, April 5, 2013

Thank You, Ted Leonsis, and Thank You, Dave Sheinin

Super-happy article by Dave Sheinin in today's Washington Post about the 1977-78 Washington Bullets and how Ted Leonsis, when he bought the team in 2010, tracked down the team's NBA-championship trophy. I picked all of my favorite pro-sports teams--the Bullets, the Miami Dolphins, the Oakland A's and the Washington Capitals--from 1973 through about 1975 based on factors such as who was good, who had neat uniforms and/or who had players from where my family lived. The Bullets qualified all three counts. By the time I was 10 and Washington made its run to the 1978 championship, the Bullets started Wes Unseld from the University of Louisville and Kevin Grevey from the University of Kentucky--and Bernie Bickerstaff from Benham was one of the assistant coaches. (Once the red-white-and-blue Kentucky Colonels went away, the red-white-and-blue Washington Bullets--later of UK's Rex Chapman and U of L's Pervis Ellison and LaBradford Smith and now of UK's John Wall--really should have been embraced as the Commonwealth's pro-hoops team. At least until the Kings eventually move to Louisville and become the Colonels again.) Anyway, thanks, Ted Leonsis, for tracking down the trophy; thanks, Dave Sheinin, for the great story, and thanks, Dad, for staying up late with me so that I could watch the week-night playoffs games on tape-delay on Channel 12.

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