Friday, April 5, 2013

Thank You, Michael C. Cable

Super-sad article by Keith Lawrence in Owensboro's Messenger-Inquirer today about Sgt. Michael C. Cable, a 26-year-old from Philpot who was killed in Afghanistan on March 27. Sgt. Cable reportedly was playing with local children when he was stabbed in the throat. It's an incomprehensible world in which a 26-year-old from Philpot--he was born May 17, 1986, just a couple of weeks before Matthew and I were graduating Heath--gets killed in Afghanistan fighting in a war that is still going on 12 years after a couple of dozen lunatics with box-cutters tried to tip the whole world into chaos and fear. It's a freaking incomprehensible world. Thank you, Sgt. Cable, for your service. So sorry for your loss, Philpot. Dear Lord, please make the terrorists fail, and please end the wars.

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