Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trinity v. Ballard

One of the odd things about life in Kentucky is that while it is quite easy to find, say, a radio broadcast of the 16th Region Final -- or the Second Region Semi-Finals -- on the Internet, there is no livestream of the 7th Region Final -- which just happens to be the most important game of the year in Kentucky,

Trinity (28-4) will meet Ballard (28-5) to decide the championship of the Seventh Region, and whoever wins this game will almost certainly cut down the nets next season.  We hope a lot of folks are tweeting, because that's the only way we'll know what's happening.  Any further observations will go in the comments.


  1. U of L won at Syracuse today, so there should be a lot of happy Cardinal fans at this game.

  2. Apparently Valley High School's gym is packed for this game.

  3. Jason Frakes of the C-J has picked Trinity to win this game. The Shamrocks have already beaten Ballard once this year -- 53-52 in the Final of the LIT -- and Trinity was missing its top scorer.

  4. After the first quarter, Ballard leads Trinity 10-9.

  5. Ballard is packed into a zone, and so far Trinity hasn't been able to make enough threes to force them out of it. With 2:11 before halftime, this game is tied at 19.

  6. From all reports, this is an excellent game. Ballard leads 24-23 at the half, thanks to a late three-pointer by Quin Snider.

  7. At the half, Trinity is 1-13 from three-point range. I think that bodes ill for Ballard, because I don't think Trinity will miss that many three-pointers in the second half.

  8. Trinity opens the second half with three turnovers in a row.

    Ballard now leads 29-23.

  9. Trinity is still ice cold. Ballard has outscored the Shamrocks 11-2 to open the second half, and the Bruins now lead 35-25 with 3:42 left in the 3d Quarter.

    Trinity calls time.

  10. Jason Frakes of the C-J points out that last year, Ballard had a 12-point lead in the 4th quarter of the regional semi-final, but Trinity rallied to beat the Bruins 58-55.

  11. After three quarters, Ballard leads Trinity 39-30. Trinity shooting 34.1 percent for the game.

  12. Ballard leads 42-34 with 5:32 left in the 4th Quarter.

  13. Trinity still cold from the outside. Ballard leads 47-34 with 3:15 to go.

  14. Ballard now on a 9-0 run. The Bruins lead 49-34 with 2:14 left. On Twitter, the Ballard fans are saying that this is only fair, as they were robbed at the LIT.

  15. Ballard leads 52-37 with 1:14 to go.

    The Trinity fans are complaining about Ballard fans who are sitting behind the Trinity bench and yelling at the Trinity players.

  16. Ballard leads 54-43 with 37 seconds to go.

  17. Ballard wins! Trinity will not defend its 2012 basketball crown!!

    Final score: Ballard 57, Trinity 46.

    The Ballard fans are chanting "season's over" at Trinity. The Trinity fans are responding with chants of "let's play football."

  18. OK, so here's where we stand:

    1st: Calloway Co. (23-8) v. Graves Co. (24-8)
    2d: Hopkinsville (30-4) v. Henderson Co. (26-5)
    3d: Owensboro Catholic (16-18) v. Ohio Co. (24-7)
    4th: Warren Cent. (27-6) v. Russell Co. (26-5) (Jason Frakes picked Russell County to win this region, but I'm rolling with the Dragons.)
    5th: John Hardin (27-3) v. N. Hardin (24-8)
    6th: Lou. Butler (24-7) v. Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park (24-7)
    7th: Lou. Ballard (29-4)
    8th: Oldham Co. (25-7) v. S. Oldham (23-7)
    9th: Semi-finals being played today
    10th: Montgomery Co. (30-4) v. Scott (16-14)
    11th: Lex. Catholic (22-10) v. Madison Cent. (27-5)
    12th: Wayne Co. (26-7) v. Somerset (20-9)
    13th: Clay Co. (25-6) v. Harlan Co. (25-7)
    14th: Perry Co. Cent. (26-7) v. Knott Co. Cent. (28-5)
    15th: Johnson Cent. (21-10) v. Sheldon Clark (21-10)
    16th: Fleming Co. (28-6)

  19. Trinity went 4-27 from three-point range. I saw UK get eliminated by West Virginia in the elite eight three years ago, so I know just how the Shamrock fans feel.