Monday, March 18, 2013

Enjoy It While You Can, Mark Story

Here's a serious question:  How many people picked up the Lexington Herald-Leader today and said to themselves, "Man, I would really like to read an article about why Middle Tennessee was more worthy of playing in the NCAA Tournament than UK?"  My guess is none -- unless, of course, you count the Cat-haters who work at the LHL.  So of course our old friend, Mark Story -- who argued in March 2009 that the Big Blue should give Billy Gillispie more time -- is out with a column commending the NCAA for picking the Blue Raiders over the Wildcats.  As far as I can tell, Story wrote this column solely in the hope that some UK fan would see it -- presumably by accident -- and feel just a little bit worse about this year's basketball season.  I don't know why the LHL pays someone -- well, a bunch of folks, really -- to insult the UK fan base.  But at least they are consistent.

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