Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Huge Game in the 9th Region Tonight

Covington Holmes is 28-2.  Newport Central Catholic is 30-2.  They only met once this year -- and NCC beat Holmes 88-85 in double overtime.  They should have met in the 9th Region Final -- but Holmes was beaten by CovCath 73-72 in the final of the 35th District.  So instead they are playing in the quarter-finals.  You can follow the game on Tri State Internet Sports Radio.

If anything of interest happens, we'll cover it in the comments.


  1. This is too early to play the regional tournaments, by the way. They shouldn't have started until next week.

    1. It certainly feels that way to me. They've caught me off guard.

  2. Here are the last 10 teams to win the 9th region:

    2012: Boone Co.
    2011: Dixie Heights
    2010: Newport
    2009: Covington Holmes (STATE CHAMPS)
    2008: Covington Holmes (State Runner-Up)
    2007: Covington Holmes
    2006: Covington Catholic
    2005: Covington Holmes
    2004: Covington Catholic
    2003: Erlanger St. Henry

    Newport Central Catholic, which is a great football power, hasn't been to the state basketball tournament since 2000.

  3. In the Sixth Region, earlier today, Butler beat Fern Creek 85-61. Then Fairdale (19-10) beat Moore (23-8) in a big game. The final score was 74-73 in overtime.

  4. Here are the last ten winners of the Sixth Region:

    2012: Bullitt East
    2011: Bullitt East
    2010: Lou. Butler
    2009: Lou. Central (State Runner-Up)
    2008: Lou. Central
    2007: Lou. Fairdale
    2006: Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park
    2005: Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park
    2004: Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park
    2003: Lou. Iroquois

    The last team from the Sixth Region to win the title was Fairdale, who turned the trick in 1994, 1991, and 1990.

  5. Holmes and NCC are tied at 10 after the first quarter.

  6. Covington Holmes was originally founded as Covington Central High in 1853. This makes it the oldest public high school in Kentucky.

    In 1919, the school moved into a mansion that had been owned by the family of Daniel Henry Holmes. The mansion was torn down in 1936, but the site is still part of the Holmes campus.

  7. In a big game in the 8th Region, South Oldham (21-7) leads Collins (21-6) by 39-24 at the half.

  8. Here are the last 10 teams to win the 8th Region:

    2012: Oldham Co.
    2011: Oldham Co.
    2010: Shelby Co.
    2009: Anderson Co.
    2008: Shelby Co.
    2007: Oldham Co.
    2006: Shelby Co.
    2005: Bullitt East
    2004: Scott Co.
    2003: Oldham Co.

    The last team from the 8th Region to win the title was Scott County in 1998. These days, of course, Scott County is in the 11th Region.

  9. So far, the action in Northern Kentucky has been pretty desultory. NewCath leads Holmes 19-18 at the half.

  10. Holmes's sophomore point guard, James Bolden, is supposed to be a D-1 prospect. But he sat out the last four minutes of the second quarter with two fouls.

  11. Ryan Roberts tweets that in the first half, Holmes shot 28 percent from the field and 4-8 from the line. NCC wasn't much better from the field -- 40 percent -- but did make 5-6 free throws.

  12. Apparently there is a huge crowd for the Holmes/NCC game -- as there should be -- but they haven't seen much so far.

  13. Bolden is back, and Holmes is starting to roll. With 4:10 left in the 3d quarter, Holmes leads NewCath 29-23.

  14. In the third quarter, Holmes outscore NewCath 19-13, and Holmes has a 37-32 lead with one quarter to go.

  15. In the 8th region, South Oldham is up 57-39 over Collins with only one quarter left.

  16. Mike Fields reports that in the 11th Region, Lex. Henry Clay (22-9) leads Lex. Dunbar (19-9) by 42-41 with 3:48 left in the game.

  17. Dunbar and Henry Clay are headed to overtime. The game ended in a 44-44 tie.

  18. The guy on TriState Internet Sports Radio is the only announcer I have ever heard who will not give the score when he goes to a break. He just says something like, "And that's a time out. Be back soon."

  19. Holmes just scored, but the guy on TriState Internet Sports Radio won't tell us the score.

  20. Apparently Holmes is still in the lead, because they are trying to kill the clock. But I don't know the score or the time of the game.

    Holmes goes to the line:

    "And the first one is good."

  21. "The lead is six with 2:10 to go."

    Now we're getting stats. Hey, here's an idea for a stat -- WHY DON'T YOU TELL US THE SCORE?


    Holmes leads 47-38 with less than 2 minutes to go.

  23. Holmes up 47-40 with 1:33 left. Finally got score and time.

    1. When we were at Heath, Matthew and I did play-by-play for a couple of PCC public-access telecasts of high-school football games. I was forever doing stuff like saying that the runner "takes the handoff at the 46 ... he crosses midfield ... he's to the 55 ... taken down at about the 57-yard line!"

  24. In the 11th Region, Dunbar leads Henry Clay 49-45 with 2 minutes to go in overtime.

  25. Henry Clay and Dunbar are now tied at 49 with 59 seconds left in OT. Dunbar ball.

  26. Here are the last 10 winners of the 11th Region:

    2012: Scott Co. (State Runner-Up)
    2011: Lex. Catholic
    2010: Scott Co.
    2009: Lex. Catholic
    2008: Lex. Catholic
    2007: Scott Co. (STATE CHAMPS)
    2006: Madison Central
    2005: Lex. Henry Clay
    2004: Lex. Lafayette
    2003: Lex. Henry Clay

  27. Dunbar missed a shot at the end of overtime. Dunbar and Henry Clay are now going to double overtime, tied at 49.

  28. Holmes leads NewCath 52-47 with 37 seconds left.

  29. In the 8th Region, Collins outscored South Oldham 31-13 in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 70 and send the game to overtime. IT'S FEBRUARY MADNESS.

  30. Holmes closes out NewCath, winning 55-50. They are now the favorite to win the 9th Region.

  31. Jason Frakes of the C-J reports that with OT games between Moore/Fairdale and South Oldham/Collins, and a double OT game between Henry Clay and Dunbar, this is becoming a historic night of high school hoops.


  32. Meanwhile, the folks on WCBL sound mournful -- as they should. Two-time First Region champ Marshall County trails Graves County 42-33 with about 4 1/2 minutes left in the game.

  33. Here are the last 10 winners of our beloved 1st Region:

    2012: Marshall Co.
    2011: Marshall Co.
    2010: Paducah Tilghman
    2009: Graves Co.
    2008: Paducah Tilghman
    2007: Paducah Tilghman
    2006: Graves Co.
    2005: Lone Oak
    2004: Carlisle Co.
    2003: Calloway Co.

    Of course, the last time from the 1st Region to win the State Tournament was North Marshall, who did so in 1959.

  34. Graves County is looking for its 8th trip to the state tournament -- the Eagles previously went in 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2006, and 2009. Their record in the Sweet 16 is 3-7 -- their best performance was in 2006, when they went to the semi-finals. In fact, they are the last team from the 1st Region to get that far.

  35. From December 29 until February 20, Marshall County went 17-1 -- their only loss was a 42-40 loss at Graves. But then Calloway County stunned them 54-51 in the final of the 4th District, and tonight they are going to be eliminated by Graves. The Eagles lead 54-39 with a minute to go.

    What a catastrophe for Marshall County.

  36. Henry Clay finally finishes off Dunbar 63-55 in double overtime.

  37. Meanwhile, back in the 8th Region, South Oldham recovered from its 4th-quarter collapse to beat Collins (the tournament favorite) 85-82 in overtime.

    So Collins (the 8th Region favorite), Marshall County (the 1st Region favorite), and Newport Central Catholic (one of the favorites in the 9th Region) have all been eliminated.

  38. Final score from Murray State:

    Graves County 58, Marshall County 44.

    That's all from me for tonight.

  39. Joey Fosko Tweets that Lone Oak leads Fulton City, 27-4, after one quarter in the First Region.