Friday, December 14, 2012

Pennant Fever

Last week, Manchester United went to Manchester City and stunned the Sky Blues 3-2 to open up a six-point lead at the top of the English Premier League.  You may recall that last year City came from behind to nip United at the wire and take the crown for the first time since 1968 -- but the Red Devils are not messing around this year.  I'm very confident that the top 4 teams -- which win slots in next year's Champions' League -- will be the usual quartet of United, City, Chelsea, and Arsenal -- but Arsenal still have some work to do.  It's remarkable that United still haven't played a draw:

1.  Man Utd:  13-3-0 (39 points)
2.  Man City:  9-1-6 (33 points)
3.  Chelsea:  8-3-5 (29 points)
4.  Everton:  6-2-8 (26 points) (goal difference of 7)
5.  Spurs:  8-6-2 (26 points) (goal difference of 4)
6.  WBA:  8-6-2 (26 points) (goal difference of 3)
7.  Arsenal:  6-4-6 (24 points)

It should be noted that Chelsea -- which won the Champions' League title last year for the first time in its history -- has already fired their manager.

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