Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1975: The new season (Wednesdays)

Wow. The TV Guide previews of the new Wednesday-night shows on 1975 are pretty brutal.

The Cracker Barrel cheese ad among the Wednesday previews, however, looks fantastic.

I'm rolling with cheese and CBS on Wednesday nights. A little Tony Orlando and Dawn, ...

... a whole bunch of Frank Cannon ... 

... and a (brief) trial of Kate McShane.

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  1. One summer, my brother and I spent a huge amount of time playing "Starsky and Hutch" -- which is interesting, because I'm not sure we ever actually watched a whole episode of that show.

  2. "Kate McShane" has a rating of 2.9 on IMDB.

    It's funny to see all of these efforts to build a show around the Boston Irish. It's like they know there's a hit show there -- and they were right. It was called "Cheers."

    1. I would also note that Dennis LeHane had a very successful career writing novels about the Boston Irish.

  3. Moments ago, I learned from today 1975's Tattletales that Jerry Stiller bought the briefcase for Anne Meara that she carries on Kate McShane. That's a very sweet and excellent gift for one acting spouse to another.