Monday, September 17, 2012

1975: The new season (Mondays)

For Christmas last year, my wife gave me the 1975 fall-season preview issue of TV Guide. My wife is awesome.

So, anyway, that Sept. 6, 1975, issue includes previews of each of the new prime-time shows, so we'll look at those over the next seven days.

Here's the Monday-night prime-time schedule (new shows in yellow):

The new shows don't much move the needle for 1975 me. I'd be all over the second season of Rhoda and would be trying out the new Phyllis show. This night, though, remains all about NFL Monday Night Football. The first Monday-night game of the season is Oakland at Miami on Sept. 22, 1975, so I'm even more excited than usual about this new season.


  1. Grant Tinker is more my tone and humor than is Norman Lear, so I'm thankful for the FCC's family-hour ruling that probably had a lot to do with Rhoda and Phyllis going at 7 and 7:30 and All in the Family and Maude running up against NFL Monday Night Football.

  2. Sept. 8, 1975, is season-debut night for all four CBS sitcoms, and I'm getting to see all four, as the NFL is not on tonight--ABC is instead showing Alabama-Missouri college football (and that game does not appear to be available on YouTube).

  3. As for the returnees:

    -- Rhoda is robbed.
    -- Gloria is pregnant.
    -- Maude is running for state senate.

  4. As for Phyllis, I imagine I will like it a lot. The pilot is fine and clever, and it's set in San Francisco, which I will enjoy for its reminding me of the last seasons of The Doris Day Show, which I adored.

  5. This show was jolted, however, before it ever got to air. The woman cast to play Phyllis's boss, who had a couple of excellent performances in last season's Mary Tyler Moore Show season, was murdered amid filming of the first Phyllis season. Rest in peace, Barbara Colby (1939-75), who was Ethel Merman's son-in-law.