Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh, Kentucky

Good jobs news from Hebron and Louisville.

Books for Appalachia.

"Miracle" might be a little strong, but this really is a heck of a nice gift to Louisville schools from Barry Manilow.

What to put in Madisonville's new park? What to cut at LBL?

Don't move to Houston just yet, BBN.

Trigg County, one of the state's prep-archery juggernauts, is amid a bit of re-org.

KHSAA hoops hall-of-famer Kelly Coleman was "King" of Kentucky Wesleyan for a little while, too.

Russ Cochran of Paducah Saint Mary's and Kenny Perry of Lone Oak are U.S. Senior Opening this weekend.

Might Miss Emma Talley one day play with a home-course advantage?

Say (ah) cheese.


  1. Viking Cochran was 3-over today, and now he's 1-over through two rounds of the U.S. Senior Open.

    Purple Flash Perry was 3-over yesterday, and he just finished his first hole today with a par.

    Leader Tom Kite is also through one hole today. He's 5-under for the tournament.

    1. Cut is projected at 4-over, and, through 13 holes, Kenny Perry is a little too close for comfort--still even for the day and 3-over for the tournament.

      Tom Kite, playing two groups behind Kenny Perry and also through 13 holes, is now down to 7-under for the tournament and remains in the lead.

    2. Oh, no! Kenny Perry drops a couple more strokes, and now, through 15 holes, he's at 5-over with the cut line at 4-over. COME ON, KENNY PERRY!

    3. now through 17! oh, noooooo!

      gooooooooooooo, Kenny Perry!

    4. Kenny Perry is cut.

      Go, Russ Cochran!

  2. They should call it the KY Open and have it travel around the state. That would be so fantastic.

  3. Here was Tom Kite's front nine yesterday:

    1: par
    2: BIRDIE
    3: par
    4: EAGLE (he made a 2 on a par 4)
    5: BIRDIE
    6: BIRDIE
    7: par
    8: BIRDIE
    9: BIRDIE

    That gave him a score of seven-under par -- he took only 28 shots for those nine holes. That's unbelievable.

  4. And now Russ Cochran has withdrawn!