Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NCAA Baseball: Day 4 of the Super Regionals

In all seriousness, the NCAA baseball tournament has been pretty boring up to this point. Only two of the top eight seeds failed to make the College World Series, which means that we have mostly seen the home favorites beating up on everyone else. Today we finally had some drama. As Eric already reported, UVA (the number one overall seed) was on the verge of elimination today, down 2-1 in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and nobody on. Two singles, a walk, and another single later, they were in the CWS. Also we lost the overall number five seed, Florida State. Down through the years, FSU has won a lot of huge blowouts, but they have never gone all the way, and this year we saw a classic FSU exit. In three games at home against Texas A & M, FSU scored 27 runs. Unfortunately for the Noles, they scored 23 of those runs in Game 2, and they managed only 2 runs in each of the other games, so they are gone.

Charlottesville, Va.
Virginia 6, UC-Irvine 0
UC-Irvine 6, Virginia 4
Virginia 3, UC-Irvine 2 (Virginia wins 2-1)

Santa Clara, Cal.
California beats Dallas Baptist 2-0

Tallahassee, Fla.
Texas A & M 6, Florida St. 2
Florida St. 23, Texas A & M 9
Texas A & M 11, Florida St. 2 (Texas A & M wins 2-1)

Columbia, S.C.
S. Carolina beats Connecticut 2-0

Gainesville, Fla.
Florida beats Mississippi St. 2-1

Austin, Tex.
Texas beats Arizona St. 2-1

Nashville, Tenn.
Vanderbilt beats Oregon St. 2-0

Chapel Hill, N.C.
N. Carolina beats Stanford 2-0

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