Friday, May 13, 2011

UI Golf League 2011: Week 1 Continued

Just a quick report on my first week's play.  I was a bit nervous to start, but quickly got into the groove with a good drive off the tenth tee.  Our group was playing 10-18.  Others were spread all over the course. 

As I said I started well getting on the edge of the green in two, but then it took me five strokes to get in from there.  Again on 11 I hit the ball well, but took another three putt and quickly found myself in trouble.  However, I bounced back on 12.  I reached the green in regulation then sank the long birdie putt.  I followed that up with a par on the toughest hole of the back 9.  Then we got to the first of the two 200+ yard par threes on the back 9.  I struggled on 14 with another three putt but put myself in great position off the tee on 15 only to have my first bad hole from the fairway.  From 130 yards out it took me three shots to get on the green, then two putted for a 6.  I came back on 16 with a bogey, but then went OB on the second 200+ yard par three and ended up taking an 8.  I limped into 18 with a 6 and sat in the clubhouse with a 51 on my scorecard. 

Because my team was short a player I was alone and we weren't sure who I was playing against, so I can't tell you how many points, if any I won for my team.  Well I know I got at least one on my birdie hole. 

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