Saturday, May 14, 2011

NBA Update

Since we last checked on the Asssociation, things have gone pretty much as you would expect. The Heat finished off Boston in Game 5, the Bulls finished off the Hawks in Game 6, and the Thunder and Grizzlies split Games 5 and 6, with the home team winning each game. (Neither team put up much of a battle on the road; OKC won Game 5 by the score of 99-72, while Memphis won Game 6 by 95-83.) This leaves everything as follows:

Bulls 4 - 2 Hawks
Heat 4 - 1 Celtics

Thunder 3 - 3 Grizzlies
Lakers 0 - 4 Mavericks

Game 7 between OKC and Memphis -- the first Game 7 of the playoffs -- will be on Sunday at 3:30 EDT. It may be worth watching. Memphis clearly blew off Game 5 but they will not be likely to blow off a Game 7. On the other hand, I would be stunned if the Thunder were eliminated in a Game 7 at home. That almost never happens.

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