Tuesday, May 10, 2011

That's the Reason I'm a Bullets Fan

Hat tip to the Twitter desk: the Washington Wizards have gone back to the colors and look of their old Bullets days. Here's our old friend John Wall rocking the retro look.

The new ownership has obviously decided to keep the Wizards name while going back to the old colors. But I'm not going to pay any attention to that -- once they go back to the red, white, and blue, they become the Bullets to me. YEAHH!!!! GO BULLETS!!

Also, for Eric and my kids, here is the greatest NBA promo of all time.


  1. Thanks, GoHeath. The Twitter desk, so prone to feeling underappreciated, appreciates the love.

  2. We love the Twitter desk.

    I have lived in the DC area for the last 19 NBA seasons. Over that time, the Washington franchise has a record of 596-930, meaning that it has won only 39.1 percent of its games. Their best season over that stretch was in 2004-05, when they went 45-37 and advanced to the second round of the playoffs. On the other hand, the have had 9 full seasons where they won fewer than 30 games -- including the last three.

  3. It would've been great if they had announced they were switching their name to the "Capital Wizards."

  4. I may just start referring to them as the Capital Bullets.