Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh, Kentucky

"We've got the river back."


Popeye, perhaps?

Good jobs news from Murray and Louisville.

Why can't I get/just one gift? Well, you can, but it's more cost-effective to bring your friends to Violet Femmes in Clinton.

A .500 hitter last spring and a 9-0 pitcher this spring, a senior Lawrence County Bulldog is considered the state's top high-school baseball player.

The headline River Monster generates a Tecmo Bo reference.

Very, very excited about the War Memorial Stadium mural project prospect.


  1. I don't understand the mural project. Is it a mural of Mayfield football? Mayfield history? Something else?

  2. Murray should hire Dennis Felton (the former WKU coach) to lead the Racers. Felton was very successful at Western and I think he would be a big winner at Murray.

  3. You have to hire Popeye if you feel he is at all capable.

  4. I love Popeye, but Murray is in big trouble with Morehead getting better and Belmont coming into the OVC in a few years. The Racers need the best coach they can get.