Monday, February 21, 2011

Region 1 Final Standings

District tournaments start tonight, so here are your final regular season standings in the First Region:

Tilghman: 23-4 (PTHS has won 12 in a row)
Marshall Co: 22-6
Fulton Co: 21-4
Graves Co: 20-7
Heath: 19-9
Ballard Mem: 18-8
Carlisle Co: 15-12
St. Mary: 10-11
Pad. Comm. Christian: 9-15
Murray: 9-16
Mayfield: 9-17
Fulton City: 8-16
Reidland: 8-20
Hickman Co: 3-20
Lone Oak: 3-21

Unless there is a big upset somewhere, the First Region title will come down to PTHS v. Marshall. That should be a great game. On January 11, the Marshals beat Tilghman (at Marshall Co.) 51-47. On January 28, Tilghman got payback, beating the Marshals 69-68 at Tilghman.

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