Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, Kentucky

I love the nickname "Kuttawa Klipper," which I don't think I'd ever heard. So, thank you, Kevin Patton, a proud Murray State grad.

Good jobs news for Elizabethtown: "Paducah & Louisville Railway officials are set to announce plans to improve rail service on the line that runs between Louisville and western Kentucky and provides service to Fort Knox," reports The Associated Press. "The project in Hardin County will provide some 290 construction-related jobs and, officials say, assure reliable rail service and enhanced public safety." Bad from Maysville: "... This reduction is driven by product moves to other Emerson locations in North America and the need to most efficiently operate for our customers. Based on current business volume, this announcement affects between 100 and 150 hourly employees and a proportionate number of manufacturing salaried employees, whose jobs will be reduced over the next two-to-three years. ..."

Kentucky's flags are at half-staff today, in honor of a different type of fallen hero.

Another tribute.

One more. The Blue Grass League bears more study.

When in Florence, ...

I love it when people go outside conventional systems to do good stuff on the up and up.

Shaker Village is one of the thousands of Kentucky things about which I do not know enough.

I'm guessing the frustration of the Vine Grove folks who had the passion to launch this good idea are, A, lack of bookshelves and, B, folks who are willing to donate books--but only if somebody comes to fetch the from their homes.


  1. You guys should go take a family trip to Shaker Village. I really love the part of KY.

  2. Yeah, it's a beautiful area. I will definitely have to check out the Shaker stuff. A Heath Post reader recently sent me some fan mail that included this link.