Tuesday, May 28, 2024

2024 Music So Far featuring Wonder Women of Country

Bleachers by Bleachers 

Visions by Norah Jones

Willis, Carper, Leigh (EP) by Wonder Women of Country

OK let's be honest you had me at Kelly Willis, but that being said I found this EP to be a lot of fun.  Certainly, the best country album I've heard this year.  Wonder Women of Country is made up of Kelly Willis, Melissa Carper, and Brennen Leigh.  Carper is an upright bass player who found a music home in Austin Texas with her band the Carper Family.  She has also had a couple of solo albums.  Leigh is a now Nashville based artist who came out of North Dakota.  She has a few solo albums as well.  Not sure how the three got together, though Willis has been a part of the Austin music scene now for quite some time.  

The album is a six song EP with each artist providing 2 tracks that they wrote and sang.  There isn't a bad song on the album, and they made it all fit together in a way that sounds connected.  


  1. Are Bleachers and Nora Jones two of the three artists providing two songs each for the Wonder Women of Country record? I like that Bleachers song, and Kelly Willis such a terrific singer.

    1. Good catch, I updated my entry to add a bit more detail.