Monday, April 29, 2024

NBA Update

Here's where things stand as we approach the halfway point of the first round:

Eastern Conference:
Boston 2 - 1 Miami
Cleveland 2 - 2 Orlando
Milwaukee 1 - 3 Indiana
New York 3 - 1 Philadelphia

Western Conference:
Oklahoma City 3 - 0 New Orleans
L.A. Clippers 2 - 2 Dallas
Minnesota 4 - 0 Phoenix
Denver 3 - 1 L.A. Lakers

Here are the latest odds to win the East:

Boston:  -230
New York:  +400
Indiana:  +1200
Cleveland:  +2100
Philadelphia:  +2500
Milwaukee:  +3200
Orlando:  +4600
Miami:  +20000

Here are the latest odds to win the West:

Denver:  -105
Oklahoma City:  +350
Minnesota:  +440
Dallas:  +650
L.A. Clippers:  +1500
L.A. Lakers:  +8000
New Orleans:  +50000


  1. P.J. Washington and my Mavs are now up 3-2 on the Clippers.

  2. The Knicks finish off the Sixers four games to two. The Knicks had a total point differential of plus 1 in the series. The last team to have a point differential of plus 1 in the first round was the 2005-06 Washington Wizards, who played Cleveland. Here's how that series went:

    Cleveland 97 - 86 Washington (LeBron 32 points)
    Cleveland 84 - 89 Washington (Gilbert Arenas 30 points)
    Washington 96 - 97 Cleveland (LeBron 41 points)
    Washington 106 - 96 Cleveland (Arenas 34, LeBron 38)
    Cleveland 121 - 120 Washington (OT) (LeBron 45, Arenas 44)
    Washington 113 - 114 Cleveland (OT) (LeBron 32, Arenas 36)

    Yes, Cleveland had three 1-point victories, and the last two of those were in overtime. That's how close Washington came to beating 21-year-old LeBron James.

  3. Here were the Wizards' starters:

    Gilbert Arenas
    Antawn Jamieson
    Caron Butler
    Jared Jeffries
    Brendan Haywood
    Coach: Eddie Jordan

  4. You know those services where some celebrity calls you and talks to you for however much amount of money. I actually would like to have about a one-hour conversation with Eddie Jordan just for my own edification. A lot of my questions would have to do about working for the Wizards in this era, and then I'd also like to talk about some stuff around playing in the NBA on the periphery of the Magic/Bird explosion.

    1. Plus, I'd like for him to give me about six things that I would actually do to make myself a better basketball player the following Thursday night at my church. I'm not talking about long-range stuff like losing a bunch of weight or getting stronger or even rebuilding the way I shoot. But I'll bet if he watched me just play with guys for 20 minutes or so, he could say, "Look, when you see this guy do this, then you do that." I need a few of those things to adopt.

      So, upon further review, I need about one full morning with Eddie Jordan.