Sunday, April 14, 2024


OK, the A's lost Saturday, and I said I wasn't going to get excited and start posting about them unless they won that game. But now the A's have won today, and it's fun to be excited about your team. Oakland is now 7-9 and just one game out of the American League West lead! Go, A's!!! Now the Cardinals are coming to town, and that means I'll get to hear them on local radio here in Madisonville. Sports is the best!


  1. Darius Miller appeared that the Mark Pope event.

  2. Dick "Hoops" Weiss tweets: "Kentucky has the most passionate fan base in college basketball, and it's not even close."

  3. Since this post, the A's are 0-2 and I've started Tuesday and Wednesday sleepy from following close losses in Oakland to the Cardinals on my phone.

  4. Oakland is now 1-5 since this stupid post. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Moments away from start of Businessperson's Special at Yankee Stadium against 15-7 New York ... STUPID!

  5. OK, look, the A's just came from behind to beat the Orioles in the ninth.

  6. The A's lost to the Orioles on Saturday, but they also came from behind to tie the Orioles in the ninth and win in the 10th Friday. That was immediately following a four-game-series split at Yankee Stadium.

  7. Oakland started this road trip by being swept in three games in Cleveland, and the A's are still only 12-17.

  8. But that's a 41.4 winning percentage this season after going 30.9 percent last season and 37.0 in 2022, so, on the curve, this little late-April run has been amazing, A's.

    Following one baseball team day by day through a season is so much fun.

  9. Did the A's win? @DidOaklandWin
    11:43 PM · Sep 19, 2023

    That remains the last Tweet from the "Did the A's win?" person, and I understand the disengagement. I just hate it, though, that this person, who clearly loves or at least loved this team, appears to have not gotten to celebrate the last three A's series:

    -- Four-game split at Yankee Stadium
    -- Two wins in three games in Baltimore
    -- Sweep of the Pirates in three games back in Oakland (completed moments ago)

    With games yet to be played today, here are the current A.L. West standings:

    1. Mariners 17-13
    2. Rangers 16-14, 1.0 games back
    3. Nashville A’s 15-17, 3.0
    4. Angels 11-19, 6.0
    5. Astros 10-19, 6.5