Thursday, March 7, 2024

84 Teams Left

After tonight, every team that advanced to regionals will have played at least one game.  Here are the games featuring teams in the Top 20:

Second Region Quarter-Final (at Hopkinsville):
(7) Lyon Co. v. Christian Co.

Tenth Region Quarter-Final (at Mason Co.):
(12) George Rogers Clark v. Pendleton Co.

Thirteenth Region Quarter-Final (at The Corbin Arena):
(9) Harlan Co. v. S. Laurel

So far, three top 20 teams have been eliminated:

(13) Woodford Co.
(16) Lou. Male
(20) Lex. Bryan Station

The other 17 are all still dancing.


  1. Missouri State blasts Murray State 60 to 35 in the Missouri Valley Tournament. The Racers finish at 12-20 and their season is over. It really looks as though both Murray State and Louisville are in conferences where they are overmatched. Louisville should be competing with Cincinnati and Memphis. Murray State should be competing with Morehead State and Eastern.

  2. If you can't do well in your conference, you can't get into the NCAA's, and if you can't get into the NCAA's, you can't recruit well.

  3. Murray State is at 161 on Ken Pom. That's actually an improvement from last year, when they finished at 229. But last year, they went 17-15 (and ranked 15th in luck), and this year they went 12-20 (and ranked 358th in luck). So this year feels worse.

  4. UK is at 270 on luck, and 18th overall.

  5. In the Tenth Region, (12) George Rogers Clark -- who has played in the State Final two years in a row -- buries Pendleton Co. 74 to 51.

  6. In the Thirteenth Region, (9) Harlan County survives a scare from South Laurel, 38 to 34.

  7. In the Second Region, Madisonville-N. Hopkins beats Union Co. 67 to 47.

  8. In the Second Region, (7) Lyon Co. beats Christian Co. 63 to 49.

  9. In the First Region, Tilghman beat Mayfield 61 to 57.

  10. In the First Region, Marshall Co. beats Fulton Co. 82 to 41.