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NFC Predictions vs Reality End of 2023 Regular Season

 OK let's break this down division by division and see how poorly I did.  

NFC East

        My Prediction		Reality
Team	W	L		W	L
yPhi	13	4		11	6
xDal	11	6		12	5
NYG	8	9		6	11
Was	8	9		4	13


Who knew the Eagles would completely fall apart in the second half of the season.  Who knew Daniel Jones would be so bad after getting paid.  And who knew the WFT would completely fall apart.  Not me.  The only team I feel like I got right in the Division was the Cowboys who I thought would be good, but not good enough to win the Division over the Eagles.  Heck I had the Eagles returning to the Super Bowl and winning it all this year.  Not something likely to happen as things look right now.  

NFC North

        My Prediction		Reality
Team	W	L		W	L
yDet	9	8		12	5
Min	8	9		7	10
GB	7	10		9	8
Chi	6	11		7	10


If Kirk Cousins doesn't get hurt I think my predictions for this Division may have held up.  But Detroit was better than I expected and Green Bay got things going quicker than I expected.  Funny that Green Bay seems to have found their quarterback again.  And like Favre became a joke after leaving Green Bay so to has Rogers.  So weird the way the world turns.  It will be interesting to see what Minnesota does with their QB position in the offseason.  This is looking like it could be an interesting Division for years to come.  But we'll see.  I never thought the Titans would fire Mike Vrabel.  

NFC South

        My Prediction		Reality
Team	W	L		W	L
yNO	12	5		9	8
xAtl	11	6		7	10
Car	4	13		2	15
TB	2	15		9	8


I really thought Tampa Bay would completely fall down this season.  I thought age and injuries would be their downfall this year.  And I thought Baker Mayfield in a situation where everything around him is collapsing won't be pretty.  But they stayed relatively healthy, Mayfield played great and their defense performed a little bit.  But the real falter here was thinking that New Orleans and Atalanta would both be good enough to get to double digit wins.  Part of it was thinking that Carolina and Tampa would both stink, but I thought those two teams would battle it out for the Division.  In the end they both were bad teams and Arthur Smith lost his job and somehow Dennis Allen did not.  I'm pretty sure the Saints went into this season thinking the same thing I did.  We have an aging team, we bring in a fairly expensive quarterback and we can make a final push to the playoffs and a run at the Super Bowl.  They were bad all season, had players openly hating each other on the sidelines and didn't win the Division and somehow they are OK with this outcome.  Seems odd to me.  They did better than Denver.  Maybe that's all they really care about.   

NFC West

        My Prediction		Reality
Team	W	L		W	L
ySF	10	7		12	5
xSea	10	7		9	8
LA	4	13		10	7
Ari	2	15		4	13


It's funny because I thought the Rams would go 4 and 13 but McVay would be happy and everyone would know that life in LA was OK.  Then next year the Rams would be back in a big way.  Not sure why I just had an odd feeling that this year would be positive but not have results.  Kind of like the Cardinals this year.  In fact the Cardinals had the season I expected from the Rams.  The Cardinals seem to have a good coach.  They played hard all year, they played smart.  With a high pick in the draft they can make enough changes to probably be more competitive next year.  The Rams though, wow.  They had the season I expected from Seattle.  And Seattle, well they fell short.  I really thought their defense would be better this year, but I have a feeling that until there is a coaching staff change in Seattle this is their existence.  I thought San Francisco would be good, but they are so reliant on their stars I figured injuries would never allow them to get to 12 wins.  


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