Monday, December 11, 2023

Classic OVC Standings

This week, Morehead State leads both the current OVC and the Classic OVC:

156.  Morehead St:  7-3
168.  W. Kentucky:  7-3
173.  Murray St:  3-5
220.  E. Kentucky:  4-4
242.  Mid. Tenn. St:  5-6
248.  E. Tenn. St:  5-4
264.  Austin Peay:  5-6
318.  Tennessee Tech:  3-7

I do like seeing the four Kentucky teams at the top of the standings.

So far, Murray State has played three Classic OVC matchups.  They beat Tennessee Tech 78-72 in Murray on November 10.  They lost to Western 86-81 in Murray on November 14.  And the lost at Austin Peay, 53 to 49.  The Racers are struggling and Ken Pom thinks they will finish 13-18.  On the other hand, he thinks Western will finish 17-13.


  1. Metro Standings:

    30. Cincinnati: 7-1
    34. Memphis St: 7-2
    52. S. Carolina: 8-1
    68. Virginia Tech: 7-3
    88. Florida St: 4-4
    104. Tulane: 6-2
    176. Louisville: 4-5
    191. So. Mississippi: 5-4

  2. Classic SEC:

    9. Tennessee: 6-3
    11. Auburn: 6-2
    13. Alabama: 6-3
    22. Kentucky: 7-2
    28. Mississippi St: 7-2
    31. Florida: 6-3
    80. Georgia: 6-3
    90. Mississippi: 9-0
    106. Louisiana St: 5-4
    208. Vanderbilt: 4-5

    1. Vandy would be in last place in the Classic Metro, and in fourth place in the Classic OVC.

  3. Since 1991, every NCAA Basketball Champion but one has come from the membership of the Classic Big Seven conferences: the ACC (11), the Big East (8), the SEC (5), the SWC (2), the Big 8 (2), the Pac-10 (2), and the Big 10 (1). The only exception was the 2013 Louisville Cardinals, which is a remarkable tribute both to U of L and to Rick Pitino.

  4. Right now, Ken Pom has four teams in the Top 12 who do not come from the Classic Big Seven: Marquette (5), Creighton (6), B.Y.U. (8), and Gonzaga (12). It will be interesting to see if any of them can match U of L's accomplishment.

  5. It's really hard to go all the way with one of those schools. Larry Bird couldn't do it. Stephen Curry couldn't do it. Brad Stevens couldn't do it at Butler. Jerry Tarkanian did it exactly once at UNLV, and Pitino did it once at Louisville. Of course, Denny Crum did it twice at Louisville, which is incredible.

  6. Last night, Western went to Dayton, Ohio and upset Wright State 91 to 84. As a result, the Hilltoppers jumped 20 spots on KenPom. They are now up to 148.

    1. Western is an interesting team. They are playing at the 4th-fastest tempo of any D-1 college basketball team. They rank 329th in 3-point shooting percentage. But they rank 9th in 3-point shooting percentage defense. So if you watch a Western game, you will see a large volume of missed shots, but you'll also see a lot of points.

  7. Here's where UK ranks:

    22d overall
    14th in offensive efficiency
    53d in defensive efficiency
    33d in tempo
    3d in 3 point shooting percentage
    3d in lowest offensive turnovers
    279th in offensive rebounds
    309th in free throw attempts/field goal attempts
    125th in free throw shooting percentage

  8. Here are UK's defense numbers:

    166th in 3-point shooting percentage
    56th in preventing offensive rebounds
    37th in blocks
    33d in steals
    57th in free throw attempts/field goal attempts

    As you can see, UK's numbers all reflect a team with a lot of guards, and not much interior play. One of the most interesting facts about UK is that other teams are taking 44.3 percent of their shots from 3-point range -- UK is 334th in the country in that figure. Obviously, what's happening is that the Cats are all having to cheat toward the basket, which is allowing teams to take more open 3's. Of course, that could change now that Aaron Bradshaw is playing more.

  9. Rupp Arena reports that the new floor -- which was in use for the UNC Wilmington game -- did not provide a satisfactory performance "under game conditions." Accordingly, the company that made the floor "is expediting a floor replacement and looks forward to delivering a new floor to Rupp Arena as soon as possible." Until the completion and reinstall, "the University of Kentucky Men's and Women's basketball teams will play on the previous court."

    1. I agree with this move. I personally wasn't satisfied with the performance of the floor in the UNC-Wilmington game. I'd stick with the old floor for the rest of the season, and change in the off-season. Maybe they could try the new floor for the State Tournament.

    2. Some people are making fun of Kentucky for replacing its new floor after one loss. Personally, I was ready to replace that floor at halftime of the UNC-Wilmington game.

  10. Well, the Department Store guy just turned down a law partnership in New York to be with the woman he loves, and practice law in a small town. I really hope that works out for him.

  11. Next up: "A Royal Christmas on Ice." This one has a sports theme. Anna Marie Dobbins plays a former Olympic Ice Skater named Abbie (or Abby) who missed her chance at gold due to an injury. Now she's a skating coach in upstate New York. Meanwhile, looking to escape his royal life, a prince comes to the United States to start a business in upstate New York.

    What will happen to these two? Well, this got a 5.2 on IMDB, so probably not much.

  12. Anna Marie Dobbins was born in January 1991 in Birmingham, Ala. She went to Birmingham Southern College on a dance scholarship, and then moved to L.A.

  13. We meet the Prince, who is wearing a three-piece suit with a blue shirt with a button down collar. In America, that shirt is too casual for that suit, although maybe they do things differently in his country. On the other hand, he has a nice pocket square.

  14. The Prince has too many brothers ahead of him, so he can never become King. Instead, he plans to buy a hockey team in America. Personally, I could be interested in the story of a European prince who owns a sports team in America. But I'm afraid we're going to be distracted with a romance.

  15. This movie was filmed at various locations in Western New York. It also involves Billy Baldwin, who appears to be playing the Prince's sketchy American business partner.

  16. My 2023 YouTube playlist continues with Adrienne Young, "Brokedown Palace."

  17. I choose to believe that Billy Baldwin is playing the same character that he played in "Sliver."