Tuesday, October 31, 2023

NFL Week 9 and Survivor Pool

Here is the new top ten from ESPN:

1.  Philadelphia:  7-1
2.  Miami:  6-2
3.  Kansas City:  6-2
4.  Baltimore:  6-2
5.  Dallas:  5-2
6.  Jacksonville:  6-2
7.  San Francisco:  5-3
8.  Detroit:  6-2
9.  Buffalo:  5-3
10.  Seattle:  5-2

To celebrate the end of baseball season, the NFL is rolling out some really strong matchups this week.  The folks in Frankfurt, Germany will get to see the Number-2 Dolphins and the Number-3 Chiefs, and that's probably the best matchup the NFL has ever sent to Europe.  Of course, no one on the East Coast will get to see that game, because they'll all be in church.  But it should be good entertainment for the folks in Germany.

Here in America, the Game of the Week is in Philadelphia, where the Number-1 Eagles will host the Number-5 Cowboys.  Dallas leads this series 73-55-0, which is a bit closer than I would have guessed.  That game will start at 3:25 PM Central Standard Time, as Daylight Savings ends this weekend.

At Noon Central on Sunday they have another great game:  the Number-4 Ravens hosting the Number-10 Seahawks.  So all five of the top five teams are playing in Top Ten matchups on Sunday.  That is really rare.

But what to do about Survivor?  We have survived eight weeks in a row, which means that we are running out of teams to take.  This week, I'm going with the Saints at home against Chicago.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Previous Survivor Picks (home teams listed first):

1.  Baltimore 25 - 9 Houston
2.  Buffalo 38 - 10 Oakland
3.  Kansas City 41 - 10 Chicago
4.  Philadelphia 34 - 31 Washington (OT)
5.  Detroit 42 - 24 Carolina
6.  Miami 42 - 21 Carolina
7.  Seattle 20 - 10 Arizona
8.  San Diego 30 - 13 Chicago


  1. Your survivor picks have been tremendous, and I think you're going to advance again.

  2. Here is a list of Steelers from the 1970's, along with where they went to college:

    Mel Blount, Southern U.
    Terry Bradshaw, Louisiana Tech
    Joe Greene, N. Texas St.
    Jack Ham, Penn St.
    Franco Harris, Penn St.
    Jack Lambert, Kent St.
    Donnie Shell, S. Carolina St.
    John Stallworth, Alabama A & M
    Lynn Swann, USC
    Mike Webster, Wisconsin

  3. In January 1974, the Steelers drafted the following players:

    1st Round: Lynn Swann, USC (Hall of Fame)
    2d Round: Jack Lambert, Kent St. (Hall of Fame)
    4th Round: John Stallworth, Alabama A & M (Hall of Fame)
    4th Round: Jimmy Allen, UCLA
    5th Round: Mike Webster, Wisconsin (Hall of Fame)

    Donnie Shell of South Carolina State was undrafted in 1974. The Steelers signed him that year, and he also went to the Hall of Fame.

  4. No other team has drafted four Hall of Famers in the same year.

  5. New Orleans hangs on to beat Chicago 24-17, so I have survived for another week.