Thursday, September 7, 2023

My NFL Predictions for 2023 Season

I posted this yesterday because I wanted to get it out there before the season started, but I'm coming back today to add some context to how I did this.  I actually went through each regular season game and predicted winners and losers.  I actually predicted the Lions win, so I'm off to a good start.  That being said in my mind I had some thoughts about how things would play out.  For instance I think the Patriots will have a top 5 defense and a top 20 offense.  To me that gets you to 10 wins with the schedule they have.  I think Cleveland will be bad, I think the Texans will start off shaky but then get better as the year progresses and their defense clicks into place.  I think the Chiefs are going to struggle.  I think the Eagles have something to prove, I think the 49ers and Seahawks will struggle to be consistent but that the Rams and Cardinals will be bad teams.  So as I was picking out games I had these thoughts in my mind.  

I also went into it with some stories.  Each year always has stories, teams that fall flat, teams that surprise everyone.  The surprising teams for this year for me were the Titans and the Texans.  We've seen over and over teams with solid defenses can out perform expectations.  Doesn't mean they will be great, but they can outperform expectations and that is what I'm betting on with both of these teams.  The disappointments in my mind will be the Browns, the Panthers, and the Chargers.  

Now we get the fun of seeing how it really plays out.  



Team   W L
Buf   12 5
NE   10 7
NYJ   9 8
Mia   9 8


Team   W L
Cin   13 4
Bal   11 6
Pit   10 7
Cle   4 13


Team   W L
Jax   13 4
Ten   10 7
Tex   9 8
Ind   2 15


Team   W L
KC   10 7
Den   10 7
SD   9 8
Oak   6 11



Team   W L
Phi   13 4
Dal   11 6
NYG   8 9
Was   8 9


Team   W L
Det   9 8
Min   8 9
GB   7 10
Chi   6 11


Team   W L
NO   12 5
Atl   11 6
Car   4 13
TB   2 15


Team   W L
SF   10 7
Sea   10 7
LA   4 13
Ari   2 15


1. Jax
2. Cin
3. Buf
4. KC
5. Bal
6. Pit
7. Ten

Cin v Ten
Buf v Pit
KC v Bal

Jax v KC
Cin v Buf

Jax v Buf

Buffalo wins the AFC

1. Phi
2. NO
3. SF
4. Det
5. Dal
6. Atl
7. Sea

NO v Sea
SF v Atl
Det v Dal

Phi v Sea
Atl v Dal

Phi v Dal

Philadelphia wins the NFC

Super Bowl

Buffalo v Philadelphia

Philadelphia wins the Super Bowl