Monday, September 11, 2023

Best of 1990 MixTape

As part of my work to figure out my top 500 songs I'm going back and trying to make an end of the year MixTape for each year.  I've started here with 1990.   This is not when singles were released, but based off of when albums were released.  

1990 was a strong year with The Sundays' debut album and Fear of a Black Planet both coming out same year.  Also, we get the Kelly Willis and Mazzy Star debut albums.  This Cathy Dennis debut album will set me up for her next album which was likely my album of the year when it came out, or at least a close contender.    

Here are my top 20 songs for 1990.  I'm working on 1991 now so stay tuned for that.  

20. Sensitize by The Petrol Emotion
19. Blue Flower by Mazzy Star
18. November Spawned a Monster by Morrissey
17. Move to This by Cathy Dennis
16. Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite
15. Justify My Love by Madonna
14. Heaven or Las Vegas by Cocteau Twins
13. Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode
12. We Are in Love by Harry Connick Jr. 
11. Early Morning by a-ha
10. Drive South by Kelly Willis
9. Words by The Christians
8. Slender Frame by a-ha
7. World in My Eyes by Depeche Mode
6. I Don't Want to Love You (But I Do) by Kelly Willis
5. Welcome to the Terrordome by Public Enemy
4. I Kicked a Boy by The Sundays
3. Joy in Repetition by Prince
2. Fight the Power by Public Enemy
1. Here's Where the Story Ends by The Sundays


  1. OK, that was a lot of fun. Man, the Public Enemy stuff is phenomenal, and, man, the Mazzy Star stuff is 500 years ago.

  2. I'm looking at at the Billboard Hot 100 for 1990. From the songs on this list, these are the ones I've listened to the most:

    1. Vision of Love, Mariah Carey
    2. Vogue, Madonna
    3. Black Velvet, Alannah Hyles
    4. Roam, B-52's
    5. Love Shack, B-52's
    6. We Didn't Start the Fire, Billy Joel

  3. For me, Kelly Willis will always be one of the best parts of "Bob Roberts."