Thursday, August 24, 2023

How Good Was Stephen Strasburg?

As a Gen-X person who grew up rooting for the Dodgers, I can't put it better than this:  He was better than both Don Gullett and J.R. Richard:

247 starts
1,470 innings pitched
1,723 strikeouts
record of 113-62
3.24 ERA
32.3 wins above replacement

221 starts (17 relief appearances)
1,606 innings pitched
1,493 strikeouts
record of 107-71
3.15 ERA
22.2 wins above replacement

186 starts (80 relief appearances)
1,390 innings pitched
921 strikeouts
record of 109-50
3.11 ERA
18.2 wins above replacement

Also, if you go by Wins Above Replacement (as you should), Strasburg is the third-best Washington National (behind Max Scherzer and Ryan Zimmerman), and the 10th-best MLB player for a Washington team in over 80 seasons going back to 1901.

Also, he pretty much won the World Series for Washington in 2019.  Here were his stats in the 2019 post-season:

5 starts (1 relief appearance)
36 1/3 innings pitched
47 strikeouts, 4 walks
record of 5-0
1.98 ERA
MVP of the 2019 World Series, only the second World Series ever won by a team from Washington, D.C.

Congratulations to Stephen Strasburg on his retirement, and I hope he really enjoys the rest of his life as much as I enjoyed watching him play.


  1. This is a terrific exit-interview analysis.

    According to Wikipedia, Strasburg went 1-10 in his junior season at West Hills High School in Santee, California.

  2. Seems like he just pitched his first game. I remember how excited Kornheiser was.