Monday, August 21, 2023


I've been pretending the last couple of days to drive down to Tampa, Florida, for the big Buccaneers-Miami Dolphins exhibition game at 8 Eastern this Saturday, Aug. 21, night in 1976. 
21 Aug 1976, Sat The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
21 Aug 1976, Sat The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
It's the first home game for the expansion "Bay Bucs," which is the term that some locals appear to be trying to get to catch on.

27 Aug 1976, Fri The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
21 Aug 1976, Sat The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida) Newspapers.comThat pregame show should be excellent--"perhaps the finest high school band ever to exist in this country."

In my pretend, I spent Thursday night in Macon, Georgia, and then got into the Holiday Inn in downtown Tampa on Friday. I was thrilled to discover that the Ink Spots were performing for two more nights in the lounge!

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19 Aug 1976, Thu The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida)

My word, we live in a glorious age.


  1. I love the idea of 1976 road trips with Eric.

  2. A survey taken from August 20 to August 23 showed that Jimmy Carter (D) leads Gerald Ford 49 percent to 39 percent. The two candidates are virtually neck and neck outside the South, but Mr. Carter leads in the South, 64 to 28 percent.

  3. I actually did watch a good bit of the GOP convention from Kansas City last week, and my favorite part was when Betty Ford danced with Tony Orlando.

    Thank you about the road trips. We're still lazing around the Tampa Holiday Inn this morning, but I think we're headed to Miami from here.

    After that horrible Steelers exhibition with the College all-stars, we hung out in and around Chicago for a long time in my pretend. I should've spent more time seeing the Bears practice, but instead I got all caught up in stuff with the Football Digest editor and merchandising people. Then we went up to Minnesota for a Vikings preseason game.

    Then I got totally messed up by misreading the schedule. I drove to Kansas City for an exhibition, but it turned out the Chiefs were out of town (and the Republicans were in town)! So we hightailed to Cleveland to see the Browns (and again the Vikings). And now we're in Tampa. In fact, I did the map on this post to show I was driving from Madisonville, but, actually in my pretend, we had been staying in Akron and stayed a night in Corbin before going to Macon and Tampa.

  4. In 1976, I'd be stopping at a lot of Shoney's to have Slim Jim sandwiches. I'd also be stopping at the occasional Burger Chef. And I'd have stopped at whatever is the biggest mall in Atlanta.

  5. By the way, 1976 me has been in and around Tacoma, Washington, the last several days. On Saturday, Sept. 11, I spent a good bit of the midday at this mall.