Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Album Reviews: Blessing Offor, Jessie Murph, BANNERS, Belle and Sebastian, and Vedo


My Tribe by Blessing Offor

Debut album from Blessing Offor who went to Belmont University and was on The Voice.  It's feels a bit dry to me, but it's not a bad album though a bit long.  There wasn't anything on here that really grabbed me but he is a talented vocalist and I think with the right producer could create something interesting.  If you need a positive lift then this could be a good album to throw on.  

Explicit Langauge

About You by Jessie Murph

Born in Nashville raised in Huntsville this is Jessie Murph's debut LP.  My only concern with listening to this album is that she will fall the same fate as Amy Winehouse if her lyrics truly reflect her lifestyle and outlook.  She has an interesting singing voice, I'm not too crazy about her lyrical voice.  She's one to keep an eye on but for this album there isn't much of interest for me.  

I Wish I Was Flawless, I'm Not by BANNERS

This is a 6 song EP and the second EP of his I have reviewed.  I liked the other EP back in 2016 better than this one.  Nothing wrong with this album just nothing very interesting.  Good background music.  

Late Developers by Belle and Sebastian

See my 2010 review.

Mood Swings by Vedo

There are different flavors of modern R&B.  Many of them stem from Marvin Gaye and the different stages of his career.  One flavor stems from the Marvin Gaye album Let's Get It On.  A very sexualized take on R&B.  This is an area of R&B that has been embraced by many R&B artists over the years like Prince or Janet Jackson, but there are some R&B artists who specialize in this realm.  Vedo is one of these artists.  Allmusic refers to it as "romantic style."  Well it can be at times a bit NC17 and so that loses me.  I love a good romance, but not sure I really want porn in my ear buds while I'm walking around work.    


  1. That "Believe" performed by Blessing Offor is a beautiful song, and it's a heck of a good piece of simple writing about a very heavy thought that weighs on me (and, I gather, lots of people): "Do I want you or what you can do for me?"

  2. I love the Belle and Sebastian review.